Garden improvement trends which could DECREASE your home’s value by £83k

WITH the sun shining, many people will be tempted to start improving their gardens.

But gardening trends like ditching your lawn, adding a pond and even children’s play equipment can actually decrease your property’s value – experts have revealed.

The study warns of the garden improvements to stay away from if you didn't want your property's value to decrease


The study warns of the garden improvements to stay away from if you didn’t want your property’s value to decreaseCredit: Getty

Building and renovation website, Roofing Megastore, polled over 2,000 Brits to find out exactly what gardening mishaps would put them off buying.

Although ditching the lawn for patio or concrete may be easier to manage, it was named the top third biggest turn-off, decreasing a property’s worth by £5,871.

And if you’re thinking of killing two birds with one stone by getting fake grass, think again.

People dislike it almost as much as no grass, the study found.

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While you may think adding a pond to your property offers a tranquil setting, it turns out most potential buyers disagree.

Ponds were also undesirable, and trying to sell a home with one could knock off £5,061 from your property’s value.

Play equipment such as swing sets and playhouses might help keep your children occupied in the summer, but it’s another trend people often turn their noses up at.

Not only is it play equipment, but having lots of toys lying around the garden can have the same effect, decreasing your home’s value by £5,025.

If you are planning on packing up and moving home, it might be a good idea to hide any toys in the shed to make your garden look more appealing.

Having a north-facing garden can’t be helped, but it’s unfortunate if you do.

As ever, a south-facing garden is the most popular as it will see the most sunlight hours, unlike a north-facing one.

On average a north-facing garden would knock off £5,318, but 16% of respondents said they’d up to £10,000 less if a property had one.

The study found having artificial grass was just as bad as having none


The study found having artificial grass was just as bad as having noneCredit: Getty
Children's play equipment was a turn-off to potential buyers


Children’s play equipment was a turn-off to potential buyersCredit: Getty

The biggest garden turnoffs

These garden turn-offs could devalue your property by £83k

  1. Moldy or dirty conservatory or orangery roof – £6,140
  2. Damaged garden walls – £5,988
  3. No lawn – £5,871
  4. Broken guttering – £5,807
  5. Cracked or damaged patio – £5,804
  6. Invasive or damaging plants – £5,720
  7. Old or mold decking – £5,712
  8. Damaged decking – £5,610
  9. Rubbish or debris in the garden – £5,554
  10. Broken fences – £5,384
  11. North facing garden – £5,318
  12. Dead trees or plants – £5,215
  13. Overgrown weeds in pathways and borders – £5,155
  14. Pond – £5,061
  15. Children’s play equipment and toys everywhere – £5,025

TOTAL – £83,364

Gian-Carlo Grossi, Managing Director at Roofing Megastore said: “It’s so important to maintain your garden because moldy roofs, damaged decking and broken guttering can all significantly decrease the value of your home.

“Not only can a neglected garden be a health hazard and unappealing to look at, often, basic maintenance or DIY is all that’s needed to fix many of the issues that put buyers off the most.”

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