Grandel’s Roofing & Construction LLC chooses winner of roof giveaway contest | Local

Peck-Legas has three children and eight grandchildren, as well as three stepchildren and their children from another marriage, Morrissey said.

“We were all emotional (because) she was always the one to get the shirt off her back,” she said. “If she didn’t have it then, she would find a way.

“She always had a way to fix things,” added Morrissey. But “she is not a person who asks for help.”

Grandel said Peck-Legas’ history and plight stood out, but “we’ve had some really good ones. It was difficult.”

The condition of Peck-Legas’ existing roof also helped his company make the decision. “We drove over and checked, and the roof is awful,” he said.

Morrissey said her family was concerned about Peck-Legas and their roof during the February 5-20 cold snap and the resulting more than 18 inches of fresh snow.

“We were afraid of the weight of the snow at one point” on the roof, as well as the wind that a tree might fall on it, “she said.

Although that didn’t happen, “If we had a really good thunderstorm with a really bad wind, I don’t think it could survive this.”

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