Halton’s controlled ventilation for commercial kitchens

The Halton MARVEL system connected via IoT ensures continuous operation and predictable costs in professional kitchens through predictive maintenance and can significantly reduce energy costs and the carbon footprint. Commercial kitchens consume around 2.5 times more energy per building area than any other commercial area. 30% of this energy is normally consumed by heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

“The Halton MARVEL is the most advanced demand-controlled ventilation system on the market, aimed at professional kitchens. The system automatically optimizes ventilation based on cooking activity using various sensors and artificial intelligence and maximizes energy savings by 50% depending on the scope and type of operation in the kitchen, ”says Halton Foodservice director Georges Gaspar.

Halton MARVEL as a Service, nicknamed MaaS, includes Halton Care’s maintenance service package and Halton Connect’s intelligent digital services, including 24/7 remote monitoring and data analysis. All of this is now made available on a monthly operating cost basis.

Mr. Prim Jitcharoongphorn from Allied Metals Co. Ltd., Halton’s partner in launching the service in Thailand, has this to say:

“This wonderful program from Halton enables our customers to manage their operating costs more efficiently without large investments. With this pay-as-you-go model, our customers can only pay for what they use. The beauty of converting investments into business expenses allows the capital to be invested elsewhere. The Halton offering includes a maintenance service which is paramount to the predictability of all costs. “

In the last 10 years Halton has delivered more than 4,000 MARVEL installations in professional kitchens worldwide.

Halton Group is a global technology leader in indoor air solutions for demanding commercial and public spaces, work areas, healthcare facilities and laboratories, professional kitchens, ships, and power generation and industrial environments. Halton’s mission is to provide its end users with a safe, comfortable and productive indoor environment that is energy efficient and based on sustainable principles. The company was founded in Finland in 1969. Today the Halton Group employs around 1,600 people in over 35 countries. The company’s turnover in 2019 was around 237 million euros. More information is available at www.halton.com.

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