High Temp Metal Roof Underlayment Approved In Miami-Dade

The Metshield® High Temp (HT) underlay from Drexel Metals protects roof structures from the seepage of water through ice dams and wind-driven rain. Designed for high temperature metal roofing applications, it will withstand temperatures up to 250 ° F without affecting the adhesive. The underlay seals itself around roofing nails, screws, and clips that are used to install the primary roofing system. The high-strength underlay is a 40 mil SBS-modified bitumen with a UV-resistant, non-slip polyethylene top layer. It is required for all Drexel Metals roof guarantee systems.

In April 2016, the MetShield HT underpayment was issued a Product Control Notice (NOA #: 16-0322.26) for use in Miami-Dade County and its communities. MetShield HT is designed to meet the Florida Building Code, including the Florida Building Code’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone. MetShield HT meets the requirements of ATSM D1970 for self-adhesive polymer modified bituminous sheet materials used as steeply sloping roofing for the protection of ice dams.

Metshield HT is made in the USA and adheres directly to the roofing substrate without the need for additional adhesives. The product resists cracking, drying and rotting, and the hidden waterproofing system does not detract from the architectural aesthetics of the primary roof system. Exposed rubberized asphalt beads along the membrane edge ensure that the overlap seam is watertight.

Commenting on the acceptance of Miami-Dade, Jim Alex, SE Regional Sales Manager of Drexel Metals, said: “This is great news for our ARM (Association of Regional Manufacturers) installers and processors who are taking advantage of our gold standard guarantee in Dade and Broward Counties. “

In addition to its recent Miami-Dade County approval, the MetShield HT underlay product meets the following standards: UL Listed; ICC-ES ESR # 2206; International Building Regulations 2009 and 2012; and ASTM D1970.

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