Home improvement, roof repair contractor fraud spikes in Colorado

DENVER (KDVR) – If you’ve lost communication with your contractor, or are unhappy with the repair work being done by a contractor, you are likely not alone.

The 18th District Attorney’s Office reports an increased number of calls about home improvement projects and hired contractors.

“While some issues are unpredictable, we believe that if homeowners had researched the company or contractor and took some precautions, we could have avoided financial loss and project delays,” said James Sorrells, director of Consumer Fraud Protection.

Some complaints have come from organizations and companies, but most of them have come from homeowners.

Sorrells said the most common form of fraud is roof repairs. Homeowners either lose communication with their contractor or experience problems with the repair work and cannot get the company to fix the problem.

The most common red flags that homeowners should consider before signing with a contractor are:

  1. Employees, subcontractors, or suppliers inform you that they have not been paid after you have paid the contractor.
  2. The person requires a large upfront payment before drawing, planning, surveying, soil testing, erosion control, or a permit.
  3. The person is requesting payment by cash or check to an individual, not a company.

Sorrells suggests seeking quotes from multiple contractors before making any final decisions or checking for credible contractors on the Better Business Bureau website.

If you believe you have been the victim of a crime, file a police report immediately.

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