Home Renovations After A Pandemic

When the world was around six months into the pandemic, we were already on the up with requests for home improvement projects. The demand for apartment renovation and new construction was about to increase. Disposable income families began to feel increasingly confident about their financial health, and employers announced that work should stay from home. As people spent more time in their homes, their need for space and other improvements to their daily lives became critical.

The summer of 2021 is experiencing significant business growth and is by far our best-selling construction season since 1978, when I founded Cipriani Remodeling Solutions 43 years ago. The high demand for renovation and new construction is not local or regional; it is trending nationwide.

There has never been such a market in recent history for the construction and renovation industry. The nation is grappling with labor shortages, shortcomings in the supply chain, volatile timber prices and delays. The builders and home transformers who meet consumer demand, meet deadlines and overcome unprecedented hurdles were the ones who had healthy infrastructure strategies and processes before the pandemic broke out.


A competent team is always important. But at a time when there is a labor shortage in all craft trades and this problem worsens with a global pandemic, having your in-house team of carpenters is paramount. Cipriani Remodeling Solutions is only focused on building in the South Jersey area, but we employ 31 full time employees including nine project managers to help us meet the needs of our ever growing customer base.

Our designers and project managers implemented a communication process to stay ahead of the ordering of critical materials in order to keep our projects on schedule. This type of communication system, coupled with a talented workforce, existed before the pandemic. We only had to make minor adjustments to overcome the unforeseen obstacles posed by the pandemic and subsequent hurdles that are beyond our control.


We listen to our customers and know that peace of mind is a top priority in any remodeling project. Long before the pandemic, we started offering our customers a unique payment structure for our homeowners. Cipriani Remodeling Solutions only requires a 2% deposit from homeowners and then we enable a usage-based structure during a remodeling project. We haven’t made any changes to this policy while other builders and contractors continue to require large upfront payments. When we get out of the pandemic there is so much uncertainty. We want our customers to feel comfortable with the payment structure. I always say: “Whoever is in control of the money also has the power”.


We have invested heavily in bringing technology to our customers that they cannot find in our competitors. For customers who prefer a more interactive visual format, we offer access to this advanced technology that allows homeowners to select and swap the surfaces in a 3D representation of their kitchen or bathroom. This allows you to visualize an accurate representation of your choice of colors and materials.

We can even use the technology to remotely customize our first conversations with homeowners through an app that allows them to scan rooms in their homes with their cell phone cameras. The app then shares the scans with our design team, who can immediately begin the initial design process.

These tools help us communicate more clearly and quickly with our customers right from the start of the renovation process. This level of collaboration greatly improves the service we can provide to the homeowner and exceeds their expectations.


Life is too short to learn from your mistakes when you can learn from the mistakes of others. I gain a lot of knowledge through my participation in national conversion network groups. We love to exchange ideas with each other. I also allow local smaller contractors to learn from us. I have a strong sense of community and believe that we will all be better off if we help one another. Education should come from more than just school and company training. We should also learn from our peers in our community and in our industry. When the unexpected happens, you can lean on each other and share ways to get through these unusual times. These collaborations and relationships will ultimately benefit the consumer over the long term.

About the author: Jay Cipriani is the founder and president of Cipriani Remodeling Solutions. Since 1978, the New Jersey-based home renovator has completed over 3,500 renovation projects across South Jersey. Learn more at CiprianiRemodelingSolutions.com.

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