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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The recent hailstorms are causing a rush for new roofs. But just like homeowners find companies to do the repairs, contractors find goods in short supply.

When factories that make asphalt shingles were shut down by coronavirus lockdowns, it created some supply chain problems.

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When hailstones turn waterproof roofs into Swiss cheese, Ari Applewhite’s phone is busy. She says they kept getting calls. They are overcrowded and appreciate roofing jobs for Turnkey Restoration, a women-run contractor.

In the Hamel neighborhood alone, more than a dozen roofs are waiting for their ladder and inspection.

“Exactly at an inch and a half to two inches of hail when you start to see some of the actual damage, see granule loss in the shingles, see dents in the gutters, downspouts and window film,” Applewhite said.

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What is usually a quick and smooth solution can be a little more expensive and even take a little longer. This is because, as with all building materials, COVID-19 shutdowns of asphalt clapboard facilities result in a tighter supply.

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“So far, everyone has really understood. I know that much of the pandemic is beyond our control. I think a lot of the warehouses and distribution facilities are 50% full, ”said Applewhite.

Manufacturers like Owens Corning say the materials will catch up when the plants resume normal production. And where stocks are low, suppliers divert materials from other parts of the country where hailstorms do not occur.

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Suppliers say it’s not just roofing materials. There are also occasional bottlenecks in windows, siding and timber.

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