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Here’s the thing about homeowners. To avoid the cost of a contractor, they sometimes choose to do maintenance themselves. “I can do it,” they say to themselves before making a catastrophic mistake and damaging their homes further.

Do you need evidence?

Well, these epic DIY mistakes are just a few notable examples. They’re funny to see on a YouTube video, but there’s a serious side. Although you won’t get a feel for it from the linked video, there are many instances where people have damaged themselves and their homes. Unfortunately, there are many instances where a home improvement job has also caused a death.

The result of this for you?

Don’t take on home repair projects that you know could be dangerous. Especially if you are not qualified to deal with them, you might be asking for trouble. Be sure to change a lightbulb and replace a fuse when the power goes out. However, to protect your home and health, do not try to fix any of the following.

# 1: electrical faults

Flickering lights, burning smells, and hot outlets are just a few of the signs that your home is experiencing electrical issues. Problems often lie in the wiring, which could be damaged in some way, although there can be other reasons for electrical failure as well. Trying to get to the bottom of any problem should be an electrician’s duty because attempting to handle your electrics by yourself could risk a shock or a house fire.

# 2: roof problems

Missing tiles on the roof can be a problem for houses in windy areas. And every roof can show signs of wear and tear from rain, storms and sun damage. While you might be tempted to climb the ladders to troubleshoot roof problems yourself, if your roof is difficult to navigate you could put yourself at risk of falling. Repairs to your home are better left to a professional roofing service, so keep your feet firmly on the ground and call for help.

# 3: plumbing repairs

It’s relatively easy to unlock a toilet or sink, but it’s not that easy to fix pipes that have come loose or that have a leak. You can’t just swap pipes either, as integrating it into your home requires skill and knowledge of what type of pipe you need. So when it comes to managing the water area in your kitchen or bathroom, don’t wade in on your own unless you’re a professional. Seek the services of a plumber to avoid a flood of biblical proportions.

# 4: faults with your gas appliances

If you discover faults with your gas appliances such as an oven, gas stove or water heater, it is better to leave them alone. While you may think that if you turn the gas off, you follow safety protocols in order to perform a repair yourself, you still run the risk of gas leakage if you try to reinstall your device. As I am sure you will understand, a leak can pose a serious threat to both your health and your home. Then do the sensible thing and contact a professional.

Think twice before doing any home repairs. While there are some jobs you can do, like applying sealant to cracks in your doors or windows, there are others that you shouldn’t be doing yourself. So, if there are any problems that require the services of a professional, instead of using a hammer and screwdriver, pick up the phone and call an expert.



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