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The report includes an explanation of the overview Roof top market on a global and regional basis. Global Residential Roofing Market report is a definitive source of information offering the latest research research that evolves consumer trends with actionable intelligence about new players, products, and technologies. Our analysts have statistical data to provide information about the statistical report including the factors driving and hindering the market growth.

The study is an integrated primary and secondary research effort. The report provides an overview of the major factors influencing the generation and restraint of growth of the Residential Roofing Market. In addition, the report also examines competitive developments such as mergers and acquisitions, new partnerships, new contracts and new products in the world market. The past trends and future prospects presented in this report make the market analysis very understandable. In addition, the latest trends, product portfolio, demographics, geographic segmentation and the market regulatory framework for residential roofs were included in the study.


  • Residential roofing is the process of manipulating a manufacturer’s product return
  • Competitiveness of the residential roof market by major manufacturers / key player profile:
    Atlas roof
    John’s Manville
    Knauf insulation
    Holy Gobain
    Owens Corning
    GAF materials
    Sika Sarnafil
    Rockwool Group
    Royal group

Market segment by type includes:

  • Asphalt shingles roof
    Metal roof
    Elastomer roof
    Built roof
    Modified bitumen roof

The market segment by application can be divided into:

  • canopy
    New roof

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Basic highlights

  • Primary strategies of the main actors
  • Global elements that drive the market
  • Rising and advanced markets
  • A comprehensive description of the international competitors
  • Market rate that affects the global market
  • Evaluation of niche business areas
  • Elements that force or inhibit market growth
  • Market share analysis

And more…

The following section also highlights the gap between supply and consumption. In addition to the above data, it also explains the growth rate of the residential roofing market in 2026. In addition, consumption tables are given according to type and application.

Purpose of study:

The World Market Report Roofing Housing Industry mainly covers 10 sections in the table as follows: –

  • Residential Roofing Industry Overview: – Definition, Regulations, Classification, Features and Applications
  • The analysis of the manufacturing cost and price structure for residential roofs includes: – Raw material and its suppliers, analysis of the manufacturing cost structure, analysis of the sales price structure, break-even analysis and process analysis.
  • Production description: – Capacity and commercial production date of the main residential roofing manufacturers in 2018, distribution of production facilities, R&D status and technology source, and analysis of raw material sources.
  • Global Residential Roofing The overall market overview includes: – Comprehensive market analysis from production to sales.
  • The regional market analysis for residential roofing includes: – The market is analyzed in four regions: North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and RoW.
  • Global Roofing Segment Market Analysis 2015-2020 (By Type): – Revenue and factors responsible for revenue growth
  • Global Rooftop Market Analysis 2015-2020 (By Application): – Application By End Use, Consumer Analysis
  • The world’s leading manufacturer analysis of residential roofs includes: – Analysis of each company profile, product image and definition, sales, ex-works price, sales, gross margin, analysis of the distribution of the business regions
  • Development trend of the market analysis for residential roof: – Market trend analysis for residential roof, market size projection (volume and value), regional market trend, market trend by product type and application.
  • The analysis of the marketing type for residential roofing includes: – Regional market, international market, competitors in the home and host countries of important international competitors.

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