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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – With all that ice, dripping water and frozen gutters, one might think, “I should try to knock this off myself.”

Not correct.

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The experts warn: don’t try to be a hero this weekend.

Pittsburgh feels like a big drop of dripping ice.

“If you walk down your street in Pittsburgh, you’ll find that 80 percent of the houses have icicles,” said Phillip Evans, owner of Evans Roofing and Gutters.

Evans is already receiving calls from homeowners who feel against icicles.

“They got some water in their house from the ice in their basement, so they tried this way and just drilled holes in their gutters,” Evans said.

Mt. Lebanon resident Alan Feinberg’s swollen and frozen gutters presented a new problem.

“We actually have some water in our kitchen that we believe was left under the roof after the heavy rain we had the other day with all that ice,” he said.

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He hires help instead of ending up in the hospital.

“I don’t recommend anyone putting up ladders and getting up in their gutters,” said Evans.

Homeowners who stay indoors will rely heavily on heating expert Bill Gagric.

“The most important thing this morning was an emergency installation,” said Gagric, service director at Air Systems Mechanical.

He says stop turning the thermostat on. Keep it between 70 and 72.

“At odd times there is not much heat. Usually our last call is 8 p.m. but we’ve had some late calls, “he said, adding,” They never go down at a convenient time, they only break when we need them most, right? “

He wants all homeowners to remember to change their filters.

“A 90-day filter does not last in all households. We make so many calls and it’s just a bad filter, ”he says.

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Gagric also says never to let a heating company tell you that it will take several days to fix your stove. Unless it’s a unique problem that is a “weird part”, then you shouldn’t wait more than a day. In this case, he recommends calling other companies.

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