IKO Roofing Products Now Available on BSD SpecLink

IKO announced that its range of steep slopes is now available on Building Systems Design’s (BSD) SpecLink platform. BSD is an innovator in specification software, offering state-of-the-art tools like SpecLink that enable architects, engineers, consultants, planners and builders to synchronize their construction specifications and work more efficiently with cloud technology to quickly produce cost estimates for projects. Users can create specifications up to 70 percent faster, and suppliers receive specification data as they create documentation. This will ease the efforts of the sales and marketing support teams.

“BSD SpecLink’s more than 25,000 users now have access to information about IKO and its product lines on a platform that simplifies design and increases efficiency for everyone involved in the design and construction process,” said Mark Okland, National Account Manager at IKO . “We look forward to offering our customers who use this platform the service that our team of roof sellers for the planning and construction market offers.”

Users can find product descriptions and supporting documentation such as specification sheets, images, BIM files, and safety data sheets / GHS information to aid in developing the design specifications for a project.

“BSD SpecLink’s intelligent database helps specification writers and design professionals to significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of the project documents they create and to specify brands and products by name,” said Paul Worosz, Vice President of Sales at BSD. “Using the IKO products in our system ensures that the planners have the knowledge they need to properly prepare the construction specifications for their roofing projects.”

For more information on BSD SpecLink, please visit www.bsdspeclink.com.

You can find more information about IKO at www.iko.com.

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