IN YOUR CORNER: Companies come together, giving new roof to family left high and dry

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The Hudsons had a tough year. The roof over her house has been covered with tarpaulin since last June after a round of storms in Pauls Valley.

“Quite frustrated, especially when I know how hard we worked to build this house,” said Dodie Hudson. “We planned it, we patched it and it won’t get any better.”

With a $ 1,200 insurance check, Dodie turned to Validated Construction in Oklahoma City to repair her home.

Dodie says the company cashed the check quickly but was slow to start work.

“I can’t get her to answer the phone,” she said. “Leave several messages.”

Your Corner tried to find validated designs.

Owner Eric Aultz says the job slipped through the cracks but assured us the Hudsons would get their money back.

Hours after our first story aired, Dodie says she had a refund check in hand.

But the good news doesn’t stop there! The folks at Parker Brothers Roofing, Owens Corning, and Beacon Supply have made great strides.

“We couldn’t watch and just let this go by,” James McConnell told Parker Brothers. We removed the entire roof today and replaced it with a really nice, impact-resistant class 4 shingle. “

In less than a day, the roof tarpaulins that bring with them the fear of flooding are gone.

“The crew we had today, the six-person crew, did it in such a short time,” said Dodie. “I won’t wake up in the middle of the night when a storm comes and wonder if it’s leaking again.”

The roof is also subject to the guarantee!

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