IN YOUR CORNER: State offers tips for home insurance claims following snowstorm

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – In the coming days and weeks, Oklahoma will be thawing and the extent of the damage to the home will really come into focus.

Whether it’s leaky roofs that are leaking due to the weight of snow, ice dams, or burst pipes, the cost of repairing all of these issues is going to be truly staggering.

State Insurance Commissioner Glen Mulready says homeowners should research their policies. He says many guidelines cover damage caused by the weight of ice and snow, and the damage caused by burst pipes.

The pipes themselves are a different story.

“The company doesn’t pay to repair your pipe, it pays for the damage it causes,” Mulready said. “But if you have a house full of broken pipes, the plumber’s expense could be expensive.”

But what about tenants? What about apartments? Many facilities require tenant insurance.

However, this insurance only covers damage to your personal effects. Repairing leaky roofs, pipes, etc. depends on the apartment and its insurance.

‘Only covers your personal belongings,’ said Commissioner Mulready. “So it won’t have anything to do with the building or the damage to the ceiling.”

Once you are able, Mulready advises people to thoroughly evaluate the situation.

Whenever possible, reduce damage to avoid further problems and take all possible photos.

“The other thing we always say is document, document, document,” said Mulready. “Take pictures of the damage, of the broken pipe, if that is the case, of the damage that has been done to the building. Pictures, documents, the more the better. “

He also advises you to keep any damage control evidence that you may need to do. These measures could be covered by your policy.

“If you run into extra costs for doing this, like a tarpaulin on your roof or the like, it will be covered by your homeowner’s policy,” said Mulready.

Finally, you should know that this is going to be a long process as the damage literally spreads across the country.

Homeowners should know that this process can likely be very delayed.

However, Commissioner Mulready has signed an emergency letter allowing emergency licenses to be issued to qualified adjusters.

In your corner in addition to this story:

As always, watch out for suspicious out-of-town contractors who might be doing business in your neighborhood.

Do some research.

Always check references and don’t be pressured to take a local deal.

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