Integra Introduces New Coastal Collection | Metal

Integra Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality lounge seats and tables for commercial environments, introduces its new Coastal Collection | before metal. This new range of seating products now meets the maintenance and design needs for a wide range of commercial interiors, particularly in the healthcare market. Coordinating coast metal tables accompany the start.

The component-based design is a standard in the entire Integra product portfolio. As a result, all of the Coastal Collection’s product components – arms, arm caps, back, feet, legs, and seats – can be replaced or restored when damaged or worn. This offers cost-saving benefits and a more sustainable option than replacing an entire seating product when only one component needs to be replaced or restored.

Among the five series in the collection, the Tide and Marina chairs now have steel arms / legs with arm caps with a solid surface (standard), as do the coastal benches. The Marina and Reef series now include a metal leg option for every padded arm offering. The new Coastal Metal Tables with steel bases or legs complete the collection and allow designers to create fully coordinated furnishings.

All products in the Coastal Collection are characterized by their contemporary aesthetics. The steel arms and legs, which are available in various powder coatings, further enhance the design options for designers. In addition, the padded arm versions of Marina and Reef ensure a softer look, while the ease of cleaning and durability is partially maintained by an arm cap option with a solid surface.

Bay and Marina offer unique maintenance benefits. Both are designed as a one-piece seat / back unit and have a “cove cleaning” feature so that dirt can be easily wiped off the unit. The Tide range offers a cleaning and an all-round cleaning option that allows dirt to fall directly onto the floor. They also feature the Integra Wall Saver design, which protects the product’s exterior rear and system walls from unnecessary wear and tear or damage.

All Integra products, including the Coastal Collection |, are known for their superior strength and durability.Metal has a static capacity of 2,000 pounds and a dynamic (drop) capacity of 1,000 pounds, both of which exceed industry standards for quality and strength. The products are weighted bariatric, Clean Air Gold certified and comply with the Safer Chemicals Challenge initiative for healthier hospitals.

For the healthcare industry, the health and safety of patients, workers and guests is a priority, using The Coastal Collection | Metal offers a distinct advantage. Steel is generally easier and more effective to clean than most other types of materials. It’s non-porous and non-corrosive, so bacteria are less likely. In addition, when cleaned and disinfected regularly, steel can reduce the risk of Healthcare Related Infections (HAIs) and prevent the spread of harmful diseases.

“The new Coastal Collection | Metal takes our offering of durable and sophisticated seating for guests and lounges to the next level, ”said Chandra Putnam, Director of Sales and Marketing at Integra. “All products offer exceptional comfort and advanced design without compromising the durability and function of 24/7 healthcare and other commercial environments. Add interchangeable and recoverable components, multiple features for easy maintenance and bariatric weight assessment, the Coastal Collection | Metal checks all the boxes. “

Integra grants a lifetime guarantee on its products, which includes use in facilities around the clock.

Designers, facility managers and others who would like more information on the new Coastal in Metal Collection can visit the following website:

About Integra

Integra Inc., based in southern Wisconsin, is a family owned and operated company that has designed and manufactured seating and tables for lounge and reception areas since 1982. The company started with Monroe Putnam’s patented tube and plug interior construction design. Since then, Integra owners Monroe and Deena Putnam have grown Integra into a leading company catering to the unique needs of every customer and end user, continuously adding new products that exceed customer expectations. Integra sets the standard for products with functional style, durability and flexibility combined with first class customer service. All Integra rows of seats focus on durability and minimize environmental pollution. They have interchangeable components to provide a more sustainable and cost effective solution for any facility.

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