Introducing Durasein: Your New Favorite Solid Surface

Durasein produces solid surface materials that consist of two thirds of natural minerals and one third of high-performance acrylic resin and pigments. This brand is committed to helping developers do their best job and wants their products to allow the free flow of creativity.

Where Durasein stands out from the competition is a unique color palette that is constantly being checked and developed. Customization options such as production lines with several variable widths, manufacturing and mold making teams as well as a crew of color designers and material scientists assisting customers in creating their own colors, patterns and collections. We pride ourselves on being a creative partner, not just a manufacturer.

While traditional applications will always be an important part of our business, the Durasein team is committed to ensuring that creativity flows far and wide. They also have a strong focus on strategic partnerships that benefit the entire design community, not just our bottom line.


–Easy to clean: low-maintenance, dirt-repellent and chemical-resistant

– Smart surfaces: Renewable, repairable, recyclable and reusable

– As robust as nails: impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, heat-resistant and fire-resistant

– Safe and protected: Food safe, non-toxic, non-porous, antibacterial, low VOC and mold / mildew resistant

– Built for dreamers: limitless decors, seamless, thermoformable, translucent and colored

– Notable brands: Greenguard, Greenguard Gold, NSF-51, ISO 9001, USGBC, ISFA, LEED contribution, health product declaration and 10 year warranty.

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Introduction to Durasein: Your New Preferred Solid Surface first appeared in commercial construction and renovation work.

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