It Turns Out The Tesla Solar Roof Actually Does Exist, Who Knew?

The crazy part is that this is one of those new Tesla solar glass roofs that are different from traditional solar panels. In fact, these are the attractive solar roof shingles that Tesla promised some time ago, but fell behind when it was launched on a reasonable production and delivery level.

First, YouTuber Austin Flack and his wife were looking for plans Tesla solar modules installed on their roof until they learned that their roof was not installed properly and needed to be completely replaced. Unfortunately, at the time, it seemed that Tesla’s solar glass roof was just steamware. Since then, however, everything has worked out in their favor and now they are the proud owners of a Tesla solar roof.

While the Tesla solar roof may have looked like steam dishes for some time, let’s look back and remember the first few months of Model 3 production and delivery. Now compare this situation to the current one. We can only hope that despite delays and struggles, the solar roof will stay here and be raised in the future.

Check out the short video above for more information. In terms of schedule, installation and costs. Fortunately, Flack plans to provide more detailed coverage of the roof in the near future. In the meantime, share your thoughts with us in our comments section below.

Video description of Austin Flack on YouTube:

WE HAVE A TESLA SOLAR ROOF: First impressions and what you need to know!

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO VIEW! I will be posting a Q&A video in the coming weeks that will answer some of the many questions I have received. THE SYSTEM WILL ALSO OPERATE SO I CAN DEMONSTRATE HOW IT WORKS AND REPORT BACK ON THE KW LEVELS WE GENERATE.

In-depth review of the new Tesla Solarglass / Solar Roof V3, including a price comparison with a traditional roof + Tesla solar panels, a summary of the installation process and an evaluation of the final product. I’ll be happy to answer your questions – just leave them in the comments section below.

For those interested, we placed our order in early November and should be installed in mid-December, but the rainy weather has postponed the installation to January. Unfortunately, the federal discount has dropped from 30% in 2019 to 26% in 2020, but Telsa was kind enough to give us a 4% discount to make up the difference.

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