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Could Europe’s most powerful football clubs effectively kill the World Cup?

Things are complicated in the world of European football right now. The continent’s most powerful clubs – Manchester United, Real Madrid, Inter Milan and a few others from England, Italy and Spain – are trying to create their own “Super League”, much to the chagrin of their domestic leagues and UEFA, the sports European governing body. Basically it’s about money; The company would be lucrative for the clubs and not so lucrative for UEFA, so that both sides would obviously be in a stalemate. The whole thing may be a bluff for the clubs to get more money from the UEFA Champions League, an annual continent-wide competition with the best teams from several national leagues, but at the moment it is unclear how serious both sides are. If no one flashes, the world’s most famous competition, the FIFA World Cup, could end in the middle of an argument. On Monday, UEFA President Aleksander Fereferin confirmed that players participating in the Super League will be “excluded” from participating in the World Cup or the European Football Championship. “They are not allowed to play for their national teams,” he said, adding that the sanctions against clubs and players would come “as soon as possible,” according to Italian football journalist Fabrizio Romano. FIFA has previously stated that the players will not be admitted to international competitions, suggesting that players from non-European countries are affected. The World Cup would go on as planned, but if the threat is finally detected, many of the greatest players in the world would be absent, which is certainly not a desirable outcome and could potentially reduce the event significantly. That scenario would have ramifications for the U.S. men’s national team too, considering that some of its young stars, particularly 22-year-old Cristian Pulisic (who plays for Chelsea, a potential Super League entrant), would be affected by the ban . Read a full explanation of the situation at CBS Sports. More stories from theweek.comDonald Trump’s Most Dangerous Political LegacyThe New HBO Show That You Can’t Stop Telling Fauci the Freedom Question

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