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Ash and Jack Rahaley, pictured on a Bundaberg North roofing project this week, own the new roofing company J&A Metal Roofing.

Humidity aside, moving to the Bundaberg area was perfect for Jack and Ash Rahaley, owners of J&A Metal Roofing.

The former Sydneysiders settled in Calavos four years ago. Jack worked for local roofers on tools and sales before he and Ashley went self-employed last July.

Jack said he and Ashley made lifestyle changes to provide a better environment for their three children to grow up with.

“We love it up here, the kids are in good schools and they are doing well in school and at home they have plenty of space to ride motorbikes and we can take four-wheel drives down the beach,” he said.

“We’re trying to keep the weekend to ourselves. It’s good to be able to do the things we want to do, and that’s why we moved here. “

Contributing to Jack’s excitement about moving north is the fact that he and Ashley have been busy at work since they started their own business a second time.

“We mostly do canopies as part of the Household Resilience program – by just bringing them up to date with just the battens, lashing straps and cladding,” he said.

“But we do all kinds of work – new roofs, canopies, minor commercial work, foliage protection and maintenance work.

“It was very busy. I would say 90 percent of our orders go directly to the customer and the other 10 percent that we were commissioned to do. “

Jack said he and Ash worked together as the J&A Metal Roofing team and were well prepared to move from working in Sydney to the Bundaberg area, although the humidity took some getting used to.

“We have 40-45 degree days in Sydney and it can be 32 degrees up here, but it’s harder with the humidity,” he said, adding that Ashley was always by his side to work through the hot days.

J&A metal roofAsh and Jack Rahaley are happy they moved from Sydney to the Bundaberg area four years ago.

“There are only two of us, so Ash does whatever I do. This means that we also have low overhead costs.

“We did a lot of commercial work in Sydney. We worked for ourselves and 12 employees.

“We have taken over roofs with an area of ​​around 17,500 m2, and by comparison the average house in Bundaberg is 160 m2. But we’ve also built a lot of homes in Sydney that are mostly about new roofs and not as much roofing as here. “

Jack said he and Ash have adapted to the different roofing needs in Bundaberg, with specific requirements including the use of additional battens, screws, lashing straps and lettering required to meet cyclone and high wind standards.

“We have all of our jobs certified by the local certifiers. When homeowners get a new roof, they can take that certificate to their insurance company and lower their premiums,” he said.

According to Jack, J&A Metal Roofing only used Australian-made products, including BlueScope steel for the roofing.

“We also buy our materials locally,” he said. “Everything is sourced from local companies in Bundaberg.

“When people spend money on us, we also like to spend our money in Bundaberg.”

For more information on J&A Metal Roofing, visit Jack and Ash’s website, Facebook page, call Ash on 0455 667 728 or Jack on 0474 306 046 or email [email protected]

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