Jacksonville City Council could extend refund on permit fees for Hurricane Irma roof repair – News – The Florida Times-Union

Jacksonville City Council will consider extending an offer made last fall to reimburse approval fees for replacing roofs damaged by Hurricane Irma.

Of the more than 6,000 roof permits issued after the Sept. 11 hurricane in Jacksonville, only 124 refunds had been requested by the end of December, city inspector Tom Goldsbury told the council’s finance committee this week.

The city likely hasn’t done enough to tell people they could get their dues back, replied councilors, who said the town hall would send notices to builders whose addresses are already known.

The refund offer expired last month, but a bill filed on Thursday would extend it to June 30 as long as the permit for hurricane repairs to the roof or electrical work on the owner’s side was in place for overhead line work damaged by the storm. This work is less common than roof repairs.

The 2018-49 bill will be presented at next week’s council meeting.

Roof repairs approval fees vary based on roof size, but generally start at $ 150 unless the job is very small. The tiny number of people who requested to get the money back clearly surprised the town hall.

The city made nearly $ 750,000 available for refunds, but less than $ 20,000 was actually spent, an auditor told members.

Goldsbury told the committee the city had published leaflets explaining the refund in neighborhood libraries, but members said there were better ways to get the word out.

Alderman Garrett Dennis, who chairs the committee, said his office had received a chart from Goldsbury listing the owners of about 800 buildings in his district that had storm repairs that were eligible for refund would come. At around $ 600, Dennis used the list to mail letters and return application forms to owners.

With the new bill, Goldsbury’s office will be assigned to such mail letters and $ 20,000 will be allocated to cover the costs.

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