Johnson Roofing CEO maintains family legacy | Waco Today

Striving for excellence

Her father and grandparents’ examples also prepared her for the role, she said.

“Our company slogan ‘Pursuing Excellence’ sums it up,” said McDonald. “Whether it’s a roofer, a rodeo, or whatever we’re doing, I’ve been taught to do it to the best of my ability. The same goes for my father, who won hundreds of equestrian competitions across the country and, after graduating from Baylor in 1966, built Johnson Roofing into the huge success it is today. “

In addition to founding Johnson Roofing in 1941, her grandparents were among the first to bring registered Appaloosa horses to central Texas, including her founding stallions, Simcoes Chinook and Chief Smokey, who won numerous national championship awards with their father.

“Ranching, horses, and equestrian competitions have been a huge part of my entire life teaching horse riding with my family and competing on my Appaloosa horses,” she said. “Even today horses are a great passion of mine. I actively participate in team roping, ranch sorting, and team penning. “

She is married to Bob McDonald and has one daughter, Brittani, who has 6-year-old four-daughter with her husband Jason. Sherri also has a “bonus son”, Kevin, who has two children with his wife Erica.

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