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KDKA-TV breaks with the form of sports programming

New fan-focused show

Pittsburgh – On the heels of the success of shows like Pittsburgh Today Live and more recently Living room sports, KDKA-TV continues its foray into the original show with the debut JP roof fan N’ation. This fan-centric show will air every Saturday starting September 12th at 7:30 pm on KDKA-TV and CBSN Pittsburgh. An encore will be performed on Pittsburgh’s CW on Saturday at 9:30 p.m.

JP roof fan N’ation rewrites the rules of traditional sports show formulas to celebrate Pittsburgh’s sports fans, who are arguably the most dedicated and fanatical fans in the world. From the area code 412 to Cooke City in Montana to Melbourne in Australia, Pittsburgh sports fans are represented all over the world. JP roof fan N’ation plans to meet them wherever they are and bring them together in a show dedicated to them. The show is a celebration of sports fan culture in Pittsburgh. their food and fan caves, their tailgates and awful towels, even their tattoos. “Tailgate Approved” will highlight the food, fashion, games and gear that make the class on Pittsburgh’s hatchbacks. “Skin in the Game” delves into fan body art dedicated to their teams and their city. and “Social N’at” searches social media channels for unique voices, humor, opinions and pets with a Pittsburgh fan focus.

Perhaps the most unique segment on the show is “Cave Painting,” which features artists like Tom Mosser, Dave DiCello, Johno Prascak and Cody Sabol whose craft is rooted in the city of Pittsburgh or related to one of its teams. Artists will take fans on a journey to create an original piece of sports art that will be hidden somewhere in the Pittsburgh area. Notes during the show indicate its location. The first fan to find out is allowed to leave the artwork hanging in their fan cave.

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“West Pennsylvania is home to the country’s biggest sports fans,” said Christopher Cotugno, vice president and general manager of KDKA-TV, “but there are no shows dedicated to Pittsburgh fans and Pittsburgh’s unique sports culture – and none cross the borders the traditional sport / conversation formula. JP roof fan N’ation has something for everyone and is like nothing the Pittsburgh market has ever seen. In all fairness, this is what Pittsburgh sports fans deserve and are long overdue. “

JP roof fan N’ation offers a lot more to viewers and will not only introduce pirate, pen and steelers fans, but also highlight the high school and college sports in the Pittsburgh area. Hoops, wrestling, golf, ax throwing, curling and the flip cup – if there’s a competition Pittsburgh fans love, you’ll find it JP roof fan N’ation.

JP Roofing Fan Nation The hosts are KDKA TV sports anchor Rich Walsh and TV personality Daisy Jade.

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