‘Just time to give back’: North Platte roofing company wants to give someone a new roof for free | Local

A sign outside the Grandel Construction and Roofing Company office informs of a free roofing project. Owner Zane Grandel said nominations will be accepted through March 1st.

Job Vigil / The North Platte Telegraph

Grandel’s Roofing and Construction in North Platte is looking for nominations for someone to get a new roof – for free.

Owner Zane Grandel said this is the way the company gives back to the community, especially in these times.

“I hadn’t heard of it around here,” said Grandel. “I’d seen it in big cities so I thought this was the year to do something like this for someone.”

Dozens of residents in an impoverished neighborhood of Miami remain nourished thanks to the efforts of a woman whose generous deeds have sparked widespread donations. Since August, Sherina Jones has been feeding the hungry through free communal refrigerators.

The company started advertising in December and was looking for someone in need of a new roof.

“We are looking for people who nominate others or themselves,” said Grandel.

There were at least 15 nominations as of last weekend and Grandel said the choice will be difficult to make.

“There are some good ones already and the stories behind them, so that’s what we want to do,” Grandel said.

The company has grown from year to year.

“To be able to do something like that with everything that’s going on,” Grandel said. “I think it’s just time to give something back.”

Nominations will be accepted by March 1st and the decision will be announced on March 4th.

“My wife and I will make the final decision,” said Grandel. “I wish we could give more than we do.”

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