Landmark Roofing Skillfully Pivots To Meet Customer, Community Needs

By Zach Sparks

As a provider of roofs, doors, windows, siding and gutters, the Landmark Roofing team needs to be as reliable as the materials they provide. Landmark Roofing can adapt quickly and do its best job whether meeting the needs of an individual homeowner or finding a way to solve a problem in the community.

A bike ramp needs to be repaired along the B&B Trail? No problem. A baby pool in North Severna Park had to be repaired? Of course, Landmark can help. Every joint project and every job are equally important.

“It’s not just about the finish line,” said Artie Hendricks, Landmarks President of Operations. “It’s about the way there.”

“The Path” is not about quitting a job, it is about getting it right and making life easier for customers. For example, when Anne Arundel County is hit by severe storms, Landmark Roofing helps homeowners identify potential damage and determine if that damage is covered by insurance.

“Homeowners pay a lot for insurance for a reason,” said Rob Calhan, president of sales for Landmark Roofing. “We have seen a lot of storm damage in this area over the years and homeowners may not know if they can fix the damage for free, so we help them navigate it all.”

Free estimates are an important service as there may be damage to a home without the owner knowing. Crumpled shingles and hail damage are usually not visible from the ground, but they present a potential risk of leakage and shorten the life expectancy of the roof, explained Lukas Esop, sales / insurance director for Landmark Roofing.

“Most insurance policies pay for the installation of upgraded materials required by the Code, even if you don’t have those materials now – roof drip, roof ice and water barrier, and siding air / moisture barrier,” he said.

Many insurance companies are now adjusting their claims virtually. Therefore, it is important to have a reputable contractor who will properly document all property damage and submit it to the insurance company.

“The insurance claims process can be frustrating,” Esop said. “Landmark brought me on board as an ex-clerk to walk people through the process and remove the frustration.”

Landmark offers more than just roofs. The company installs windows, doors and gutters and carries James Hardie siding and vinyl siding. Homeowners may need a new siding if their siding is warped, damaged, or the color has noticeably faded. Landmark is happy to answer any questions potential customers may have.

“Landmark has focused its efforts as an organization on the customer experience,” said Chris Riggi, market development manager for James Hardie Building Products in Maryland. “Their goal is to create customers for life by providing superior products, communication, and quality craftsmanship. This experience is captured by industry leading high scores on all Landmark Roofing review platforms. “

To keep up with the latest industry trends and stock the best products, Landmark Roofing has invested in training with James Hardie.

“In a new digitized world, changes are required in the construction industry to serve tech-savvy homeowners,” Riggi said. “The latest product updates, installation requirements, legislative changes, technological advances, etc. are up to date to deliver the highest level of customer experience. Landmark’s training process across the company promotes regulatory compliance and continuous improvement at all levels. With consistent training on James Hardie products, siding professionals can rest assured that all staff keep homeowners updated with the latest information and follow exact installation practices for a great customer experience. “

Landmark Roofing’s customer experience goes beyond business.

“In addition to her customer reputation, Landmark is passionate about giving back to the local community,” said Riggi. “On the other hand, James Hardie couldn’t be more proud to work with Landmark Roofing.”

Landmark Roofing’s community service is unwavering. The company raised more than $ 2,600 during a Polar Bear Plunge event at Garry’s Grill in January 2021, donated $ 1,500 to Boys Hope Girls Hope and $ 1,000 to the BWMC Foundation in Fall 2020, and made a personal donation to Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC) and Fight Net Cancer with Katherine for the past few years and is in talks with a nonprofit in Severna Park to provide the nonprofit with a much needed free improvement, to name a few of Landmark’s contributions .

The team also gives a free roof to a needy family every year. For the 2021 giveaway, Landmark goes beyond its usual donation and spins again to meet the needs of the community. When the team learned that this year’s rooftop giveaway winner had just received a new roof after the nomination process was complete, but before the winner was announced, Landmark Roofing decided to give Landmark new windows and doors as well as the homeowner Make available also choose an additional candidate who deserves a new roof.

This generosity has been proven time and again by Landmark Roofing. That’s why Greater Severna Park and the Arnold Landmark Chamber of Commerce selected Landmark as this year’s Harmony Award winners to give back to the community.

“You are very deeply rooted in the community and very philanthropic,” said Liz League, president of Greater Severna Park and Arnold’s Chamber of Commerce. “They are one of the few companies that have succeeded despite COVID and they are giving back.”

Landmark Roofing has built countless connections in the community through the company and other companies. Hendricks sits on the board of directors at Severna Park Community Center, and the company recently reached a compromise that allows them to help brokers with their needs.

“It’s more than just a canopy. It’s the relationships that come from the community, whether they are realtors or people, that we have come to know through our work with the Severna Park Community Center, ”said Hendricks. “It’s a team approach for everyone at Landmark. Without the people in the organization who believe in this relationship in the community, you will not have a viable business. “

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