Large fire breaks out at San Jose roofing business

Firefighters are investigating the cause of a major fire that broke out in a commercial roofing shop on the 1600 block of South 7th Street in San Jose Friday morning.

The flame originated in one of the “back corners of the property near a storage area” that housed a variety of roofing materials including metals, cements, adhesives, and other types of roofing materials, said Erica Ray, a spokeswoman for the San Jose Fire Department.

The fire was contained in the building and did not spread to other businesses that fire fighters refer to as a “multi-unit complex,” Ray said.

“That’s what created that big column of black smoke,” said Ray. “There was just a lot of material that burned down when it caught fire.”

The video of the fire, captured by bystanders and posted on social media during the fire, showed a column of black smoke rising from the building. Ninety-five San Jose firefighters responded to the fire, Ray said.

Firefighters did not disclose the name of the roof shop affected. No injuries were reported.

The fire brigade said the fire was under control around 2:30 p.m., but added that crews would be on site for several hours.

Ray said there was at least one arson investigator on site as of Friday afternoon, but that doesn’t necessarily mean officers are investigating the fire as arson.

“Fire investigations are standard for this,” said Ray. “Unless someone sees the fire started and can tell us for sure,” I know how it started, “there is always an investigation.”

The 1600 block on 7th Street “is expected to remain closed,” the fire department said in a tweet. Just before 4pm, Ray said residents should probably expect the road to be closed for “a few more hours.”

– Tyler Blatt (@tbleezus) December 4, 2020

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