Lawyer hits new DTI steel roofing regulation

The lawyer and radio broadcaster Trixie Cruz-Angeles described a new administrative regulation of the Bureau of Philippine Standards and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, which requires the product certification of raw materials for roofing and general applications, as “anti-poverty and anti-development”. According to Angeles, the 2020 DTI DAO 10-20 series was crippling and detrimental to users and importers in the public and to non-roofers. “It appears that BPS / DTI did not carefully study the impact of the DAO 10-20 on certain segments of the steel industry and just blindly issued it without holding a public consultation to know the sentiment of those segments,” said Angeles. DAO 10-20, a new technical regulation for the mandatory certification of hot-dip metal-coated and pre-painted galvanized steel coils and sheets for roofs and general applications, came into force on January 13, 2021. The DAO generally covers all areas beyond the steel industry, including those segments that do not require the specific thickness of steel coil materials in their operations and businesses, he said.

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