Leading Roofing Contractor Launches New Austin Location

Cool Roofs Inc., based in TX, is proud to announce the start of its new location in Austin, Texas. This expansion will be led by Colt Moncla, CEO of Cool Roofs Inc, and Managing Partner Hudson Whitten. From now on, Whitten will directly oversee the company’s operations in the area and bring over a decade of experience in the commercial and residential roofing trades.

Since the idea for a new office took hold, the Cool Roofs Austin TX location has been expected to offer the same high standard of service that the company’s customers expect in other areas. Cool Roofs has built this reputation using both the best materials in the industry and the experience of roofers who have each completed countless roofing projects for their community. The fact that a lot of the company’s business is made up of returning customers and referrals is testament to how well their services are being received. Hence, Austin residents and businesses can look forward to partnering with a roofer who always prioritizes their needs and delivers great results at competitive prices.

One of the main benefits of reaching out to Cool Roofs for help is that they are a full service roofer. No matter what problem a client’s roof has, the company can quickly identify and fix it once it’s done the job. Since they offer repairs, maintenance, and replacements for virtually any type of roof, there isn’t a job they can’t do. The company also takes great pride in what they do, and that’s one of the reasons they are confident enough to guarantee quality on every job.

With Cool Roofs in Austin TX, residents and businesses alike can view their roof as both a practical and a personal investment. The company strongly believes that the structure of the buildings on their property is how people express themselves, and a roof is no different. However, they also insist that personalization and expression don’t compromise on quality and durable construction. Fortunately, as its existing customers know, the company is perfectly capable of delivering on both fronts.

Despite the company’s recent arrival, their team has already worked hard to prove themselves to their community. This can be seen in the positive reviews shared by satisfied customers. For example, Connor F. says in her top rating on Google: “Without a doubt the best experience I’ve had with any type of construction company – they finished ahead of schedule, were overly responsive and highly efficient. I can warmly recommend it to everyone, regardless of whether it is residential or commercial. “

Certain reviews also comment on the value of Hudson Whitten’s personal commitment. Heather K. explains, “We worked with Hudson on a roof inspection and installation and couldn’t be happier. He was very responsive and his professionalism [meant that the sky was] the limit. We absolutely love our new roof and wouldn’t use anyone in the area! “

Austin Roofing – Cool Roofs Inc. is committed to ensuring that everyone in their community always has a stable and functional roof over their heads. Aware of the fact that many homeowners and businesses have gotten into financial trouble recently, they invite anyone to contact their office today to request a free estimate for each assignment. In addition, the company offers free repairs for any work, which gives property owners a great deal of flexibility in the event that their roof is unexpectedly damaged.

Likewise, the company is ready to answer any questions a customer has about their roof. Your experts will be happy to provide you with a detailed plan with their recommendations and explain the individual steps involved in a repair, replacement, etc.

Austin Roofing – Cool Roofs Inc. is ready to connect with new customers looking to partner with a reliable, experienced roofer. Interested parties are welcome to contact Hudson Whitten of Austin Roofing – Cool Roofs Inc. with additional questions. For more information on their services, materials, and more, please visit their website.


For more information on Austin Roofing – Cool Roofs Inc. contact the company here:

Austin Roofing – Cool Roofs Inc.
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(512) 517-9633
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2506 S Lamar Blvd, Suite B, Austin, TX 78704

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