LG Hausys HI-MACS® New Wood Aurora Collection

The brand HI-MACS® Solid Surface from LG Hausys introduces its new brand Wood collection and adding four new colors to his Aurora Collection. The new colors reflect patterns and shades inspired by nature and can meet a wide variety of commercial interior design requirements where calm and serenity are required.

As the name suggests, it is Wood collection is a homage to the timeless beauty of natural wood. The collection is unique in its ability to show intricate, realistic wood grain patterns and knots. Ideal for healthcare and other commercial areas, the warm undertones and gentle essence provide an intuitive sense of calm and recovery. As a pore-free surface, it also offers maintenance, cost savings and hygienic advantages over real wood.

Cream oak combines neutral Scandinavian colors with warm Japanese-inspired shades and thus creates the harmonious Japandi movement. The light wood tones and the subtle texture reveal a light, natural and airy essence. The unique beauty of the gray hardwood comes to life Gray teak. Its contemporary tone, accented by the look of the familiar weathered texture of teak, creates several transitional looks, including those that do well in commercial industrial settings. Dark walnut Soft wood grain is interspersed with rich, dark wood tones that create a feeling of warmth and depth. Dark Walnut is elegant and rich, and ideal for modern interiors.

The Aurora Collection, inspired by the Aurora Borealis (also known as The Northern Lights), embodies a low-contrast, organic vortex movement in all designs. Aurora Ecru With soft, elegant neutrals and muted tone veins, a relaxed and contemporary flair is created. Aurora FrostWith faint white veins flashing across a pale base, they are reminiscent of a gentle snowfall and convey a sense of calm and serenity. Aurora midnight Marbled veins intersect over a soft black background and are reminiscent of a quiet midnight sky and endless design possibilities. Aurora Ocean Gray reflects the serenity of the ocean. With its rich, muted hues and light waves of darker grays, it can effortlessly serve as a calm backdrop or as a central color scheme for any interior. The four new colors bring the overall color of the Aurora collection to nine.

“These new colors bring the timeless beauty and the relaxing powers of nature into our modern interiors,” said Daniel Jang, Product Manager at HI-MACS. “Health environments, schools, offices, hospitality areas and other interiors can be redesigned in such a way that they promote tranquility and at the same time appear design-oriented and contemporary.”

Like all HI-MACS colors, the new colors are available in 30 “x 145” with a thickness of ½ “. HI-MACS colors are made from sustainable materials and an environmentally friendly manufacturing process and are backed by the 15-year transferable warranty from LG Hausys secured.

Architects, designers and other professionals who want more information or request samples can visit www.LGHausysUSA.com.

About HI-MACS®

HI-MACS is manufactured with a similar durability to natural stone in order to avoid everyday wear and tear high resistance to stains and chemicals.

HI-MACS is manufactured as a seamless and pore-free material and is easy to maintain and to produce in premium quality. It does not contain any visible cracks or surface irregularities and thus prevents harmful bacteria or mold from penetrating the surfaces. The easy-to-clean surface does not require regular use of sealants or waxes against natural pits and cracks to maintain the hygienic properties. The 3-D thermoforming and the translucent properties of HI-MACS offer a wide range of design options. It can be made and heated and bent in the same way as wood, making the product suitable for the most demanding 3D designs. HI-MACS is made of sustainable material and an environmentally friendly manufacturing process and is backed by the 15-year transferable warranty from LG Hausys.

About LG Hausys America

LG Hausys America is part of LG Hausys, one of the world’s leading suppliers of building and decorative materials with more than 4,270 employees worldwide. LG Hausys America is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and uses the most advanced technology in the industry to create beautiful and functional spaces with environmentally friendly and sensible products. LG Hausys America’s businesses include surfacing, flooring, vinyl-faced materials, signage, graphics, and automotive components. For more information on LG Hausys America, visit www.LGHausysUSA.com.

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