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Global Liquid Roofing Market: Snapshot

The global market for liquid roofs is gaining in importance due to various factors such as the increasing demand for energy-efficient buildings, rapid urbanization in emerging countries like India and China and the cost efficiency of liquid roofs. On the other hand, the liquid rooking market faces the challenge of the high cost of elastomeric membranes. Nonetheless, favorable government policies will provide new opportunities for vendors in this market to advance infrastructure and the growing need for water management activities in the Asia-Pacific region.

The report notes that a number of owners are now choosing to use roofing systems to avoid high replacement costs and negotiate the likelihood of roof demolition. Liquid roofs cost only about 30% of the cost of roof replacement and can provide protection for more than two decades. They also offer advantages such as watertightness and sustainable energy efficiency. Liquid roof systems also meet ASTM sustainability standards as well as other initiatives such as Energy Star and LEED.

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This global Liquid Roofing Market report is prepared to serve as a reliable business document to shareholders such as regional liquid roofing manufacturers and general associations, liquid roofing dealers and distributors, raw material manufacturers, and government agencies. The report provides an in-depth analysis of all affected factors that may affect demand over the forecast period 2017-2025, and assesses the potential of smaller aspects as well as different geographic regions

Global Liquid Roofs Market: Overview

The global market for liquid roofs is intended to take advantage of the demand resulting from the advancing applications of various coatings such as silicone and products such as elastomeric membranes. While the uses of elastomeric diaphragms are discussed later in this discussion, silicone has drawn attention mainly because of its exceptional properties. When paint is applied, silicone resins have a water-repellent effect on brick, stone and other masonry surfaces. Roofing and bridge contractors may prefer a silicone coating due to the weather resistance of the paints used.

When the segmentation areas of the global Liquid Roofing Market are considered, the type and application could be featured at the top. The authors of the report can customize this segmentation to meet the business needs of interested parties.

The publication, which studies the global Liquid Roofing Market, has conducted both primary and secondary research to thoroughly analyze key factors such as drivers and restraints, competitive analysis, and market scenarios over the forecast years. Buyers of the report can access the tailored analysis of the global market to position themselves desirably in the liquid roofing industry.

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Global Liquid Roofs Market: Trends and Opportunities

The competition among the leading companies should trigger the growth of the international market for liquid roofs. In response to the need to survive in the competitive environment of the global market, the top players in the industry have relied on crucial growth strategies such as working with potential giant players and developing novel products.

Significant growth is due to the increasing focus on developing the construction sector. In the event that the requirements for energy-efficient buildings have increased. The construction industry could create a robust platform for elastomeric membranes to show off stallion growth. Depending on the type of material, elastomeric membranes are one of the critical segments of the global market for liquid roofs. Elastomeric membranes, which are ahead of the silicone coating on the world market, are likely to gain in importance compared to other types of materials, primarily due to their extensive use in the construction sector. They are used to protect surfaces against the usual adversities such as certain chemicals and abrasion as well as against water resistance.

The other types of liquid roofs likely to make their presence known can be bitumen, acrylic, polyurethane (PU), as well as PU and acrylic hybrids.

Global Liquid Roofs Market: Regional Outlook

As with most roofing markets, the Asia-Pacific region could outperform the geographic segmentation of the global liquid roofing market. The residential sector can become a strong booster of the regional market, mainly due to a faster growing use of liquid roofs. Developing countries such as Turkey, Indonesia, Brazil and India are considered good reasons for establishing the liquid roof business in the Asia-Pacific region. This forecast is based on the rapid pace of urbanization in these emerging countries. As a result, liquid roofs could find greater use in residential property construction.

As for the dominance shown in the past, the Asia-Pacific region could see the legacy grow over the forecast period due to high foreign investment, higher living standards, a robust industrial base and an expansion of manufacturing facilities. The regional market is expected to leverage the link between the liquid roofing market and the construction industry. New construction is forecast to have priority between forecast years as nuclear families become accepted, concerns about waterproofing and infrastructure development increase, home ownership preferences change, and income increases.

Global Liquid Roofing Market: Mentioned Companies

The major players in the international liquid roofing market are to strengthen their status in the industry with specific action plans. This could include technological developments, the constant implementation of development tactics, intelligently parked research and development centers and a heterogeneous product portfolio. Parker Hannifin, the Indium Corporation, the Bergquist Company, AkzoNobel NV, 3M, Saint-Gobain, Dow Chemical and the Badische Anilin und Soda Fabrik (BASF) are the most important companies on the world market.

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