Local roofing company warns of dangers of heavy snow, ice

“Safety first, safety always”: The local roofing company warns of the dangers of heavy snow and ice

Dealing with the snow proves to be very difficult for homeowners.

Deal with the snow proves to be very difficult for homeowners.

A roofing, siding and guttering company has set up shop in the past few days in Oak Lawn Received a couple of hundred weather-related calls.

This is four times more than normal at this time of year.

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However, Patrick McGowan and the Style Exteriors team are no match for massive icicles and piles of snow.

“As the house thaws, the chaos in homes is getting more extreme,” said McGowan, sales manager at Style Exteriors.

Her top calls include water leaks and ice jams.

City crews are focused on clearing the back streets of snow after the winter storm on Monday

Joanie Lum from FOX 32 reports …

“When it melts, it runs in the gutters and then freezes in the gutters and then secures it all the way up and into the house,” said McGowan.

McGowan says at this point that the best way to protect your home and prevent a leak is to call a professional and have them remove the snow.

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Don’t go up on the roof yourself.

“With that kind of snow, the density of the snow, there could be tens of thousands of pounds on your roof,” McGowan said.

McGowan says if you have a rooftop terrace and it’s safe to clear, remove the snow entirely.

“It could become a leak or breakdown problem, a potential breakdown,” said McGowan.

But, he says, take care of your surroundings, especially where you throw the snow.


“Make sure there’s no one underneath where you’re shedding snow. So again, safety first, safety always,” said McGowan.

McGowan says there are a couple of things to look for in your house. If you see stains on your ceiling or bubbles of paint it could be a sign of a leak and you should call an expert.

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