LPE School Roofing Work Sets Off False Alarm

ALARM SOUNDED – Finely tuned smoke, gas and fire alarms at Lower Pottsgrove Elementary School, 1329 Buchert Rd. (Above), on Wednesday (July 7th, 2021) at 1:05 p.m. heat and other emanations from repair and replacement work from Contractors felt on the school roof, said Lower Pottsgrove Township Fire Marshal Lew Babel. Alarms sounded, calling out equipment and volunteers from the Ringing Hill and Sanatoga Fire Brigades. They discovered shortly after their arrival that there was no risk of fire. Although the alarm was classified as false, Babel reported that he was impressed with the sensitivity of the detectors. School officials and other residents of the building evacuated it and met with Babel and firefighters (above) at the front entrance until the all-clear was given. According to Babel, the contractors plan to adjust their work to avoid future false positives.

Photos from The Post

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