Machine gives new meaning to long-run roofing iron – The Gisborne Herald

Posted on March 16, 2021 at 2:15 pm

In a premiere for Gisborne, the employees of Character Roofing completed one of their greatest tasks thanks to a mobile roof machine.

Metalcraft’s portable machine helped workers roll out 27-meter roof panels for the new CPS building in Aerodrome Road Business Park.

“This is the first time this has been done in Gisborne,” said Pete Claffey, Director of Character Roofing.

“The benefit of having a roll builder on site is the ability to walk long distances without moving them or redesigning the building with steps in the roof to combat the problem.

“This truck drives through the country, where commercial roofs extend locally in the length requested by the customer.

“In this case the blades are 27,300 m long, but have run lengths of up to 72 m from this machine.”

UNROLL A ROOF: Huge roof panels are rolled out by a mobile machine in Gisborne for an order in the new CPS building in the Aerodrome Road Business Park. The machine can push out panels up to 72 m in length, but produces shorter panels 27 m in length for Gisborne. Images by Liam Clayton

THE LONG WAY: Winiata Harrison-Boyd and Sarge Waitoa from Character Roofing roll out 27 m long roof panels with the help of a mobile roof trolley.

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