Marcus Lemonis Helps You Find Plan B in New CNBC ‘Streets Of Dreams With Marcus Lemonis’

Concerned about the economy and the future of business in the US? Entrepreneur, philanthropist and CNBC star Marcus Lemonis has a new series that will inspire and reveal how Americans are currently thinking and working on the barriers in business.

And with COVID still wreaking havoc, it’s news that doesn’t come a moment too early.

His news series for CNBC is titled Streets Of Dreams With Marcus Lemonis and is a regional deep dive into the iconic locations and urban success stories that feature grit and imaginative hard work along with good advice from Lemonis.

What is Streets of Dreams about?

Lemonis, also known as “The Profit,” now has a new original, five-episode prime-time series produced by Emmy Award-winning producers at Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. Filmed prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, this series will film the stories of the entrepreneurs and business cultures that define America’s most popular tourist attractions and streets visited.

In CNBC’s Streets of Dreams with Marcus Lemonis, he travels the country and pulls the curtain back on the most haunted and influential streets that fuel America’s high-profile business cultures.

Who has the fearlessness and the urge to win? Marcus asks the tough questions and weighs on the ever-changing economic landscape that has worried many. Can we survive another lockdown winter? Despite the setbacks, Lemonis relies on the USA.

The curtain is drawn as the stories of key businesses, from diamond shops on Manhattan’s 47th Street to country music on Nashville’s Music Row to the marijuana industry on Denver’s Green Mile, speak to Marcus about their struggles and successes to make it in America to accomplish .

“I love all aspects of business, but the most fascinating part for me is the people,” Lemonis told TV Shows Ace in a press release. “I usually invest in business, but I’ve always said we have to bet on humanity and on this show I was able to pull back the layers of some of those iconic streets in business and understand how the people behind them have been so successful for generations kept going. From Little Havana to Harbor Drive, there are some incredible stories and we can show viewers the importance of how people can make dreams come true together. “

Producers take advantage of unprecedented access to the vendors and developers who do their business on these streets every day – the small business owners, innovators, old-school artisans, hustlers and industry leaders.

To be introduced:

● Diamond District (New York, NY) – Described as “the $ 24 billion block on 47th Street in New York City.” With the massive exodus from the city, will it stay as lucrative as it was?

● Music Row (Nashville, TN) – This Nashville street, at the heart of America’s multi-billion dollar country music industry, can it make it after the pandemic hits so many people?

● Calle Ocho (Miami, FL) – Little Havana, Miami’s booming capital of Cuban-American culture, features stone crabs and live music.

● Harbor Drive (San Diego, CA) – This is where the “blue economy” lives – an under-the-radar economic sector worth $ 1.5 trillion worldwide

● The Green Mile (Denver, CO) – Marijuana is big business. So do we want the cartels to make the money, or do we want American farmers and manufacturers to be safer than opioid foods? Lemonis is investigating the “Great Green Experiment” in legal marijuana.

CNBC’s hit prime time series The Profit sees Lemonis putting its own money on the line to help save and grow troubled businesses.

A new episode of CNBC’s The Profit: A Glimpse That Looks Back at Classic Episodes and Discusses Lessons Learned will air on Tuesday, December 29th at 9 p.m. ET on Street of Dreams by Marcus Lemonis.

The new series for CNBC will be produced by Zero Point Zero Production, with Lydia Tenaglia, Chris Collins and Shawn Cuddy serving as executive producers. Adam Barry is the executive producer on CNBC.

Streets of Dreams starring Marcus Lemonis will air Tuesday, December 29th at 10 p.m. ET / PT on CNBC.




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