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The Marietta City Schools Board of Education on Thursday made an offer for a roof replacement to Tri-State Roofing & Sheet Metal Co for a project at Marietta Middle School.

The base bid for Tri-State Roofing was $ 399,950 for the middle school main building plus an additional $ 280,530. The offers were separated in case the school board decided to replace only the roof of the main building.

The contract includes the replacement of wooden rafters, wooden beams, wooden roof decks and wooden blocks around the flat roofs.

After a structural engineer came to review the site, 20 rafters, 15 beams, and 700 square feet of roof decking boards were assigned for replacement.

The value of tri-state roofing to replace these units is: $ 75 per square foot for rafters, $ 64 per square foot for beams, $ 13 per square foot for roof decks, and $ 8 per square foot for blocking.

Board member Russell Garrison applied for Tri-State as a contractor. Board member Bill Hutchinson seconded.

Tri-State Roofing was selected because many of the board members had a positive experience with the company and knew it could do the job well.

“They’re probably the better roofing company in the area. They have a large enough workforce that we don’t have to worry about that. “ said Traci Stotts, architect and vice president of marketing and development for Pickering Associates.

There were three other contractors for the offer: Advanced Concepts, E. Lee and Revere Roofing. In addition to Tri-State Roofing, the most competitive offer came from E. Lee. However, they formally withdrew their offer when questions were raised when they proposed the same price between the main building and the gym.

The completion date is August 1st. 10 weeks are planned from start to finish. The board will do a walkthrough with them and the company will have a few days after that date to complete the project in full.

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