MCA Publishes New White Paper on Material Properties That Affect Steel Cladding Performance

The Metal Construction Association (MCA) has released a new white paper that is available for download from their website The article “Material Properties Affecting Steel Cladding Performance” describes key material parameters that affect the steel cladding performance and properties and the ability to manufacture the steel, paying particular attention to the often misunderstood concept of the gauge.

Steel cladding is often a key element in overall building design. But not all steel cladding systems are created equal or function the same. Steel for roof and wall applications is the product of a sophisticated process. A variety of factors, including metal thickness, yield strength, metal coatings, and surface treatment systems, determine the performance of a cladding system. This document provides recommendations on which cladding will work best based on the building specifications including location and purpose.

The sections include carbon content, yield strength and tensile strength, steel designations, coating systems, and steel thickness / thickness. The gauge is a particularly important discussion as thickness is a critical parameter in the performance of the steel sheet and coil. Charts, examples and tables provide results of rigorous testing to meet the performance requirements for the thickness being used.

The whitepaper can be downloaded for free from the MCA Metal University MCA website:

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