Mercedes-AMG Cars Now More Road Trip Friendly Thanks To New Roof Box

Thanks to the introduction of the roof box, which has been tested by AMG engineers to ensure optimum values ​​in terms of aerodynamics, handling and noise emissions, traveling long distances with your Mercedes-AMG car is now even easier.

Buyers can purchase the roof box with a capacity of 410 liters from Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG partners from November this year.

The lid of the box has a dynamic design and is painted comet gray with decorative lines on the sides, while a glossy black element, including a fin, is embedded on top. In addition, the handles (integrated into the lid design) help reduce air resistance.

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The Mercedes-AMG roof box is available in two versions, the second was specially developed for Mercedes Coupé vehicles. It has a different diffuser shape adapted to the sporty design of a coupe model.

The German car manufacturer emphasizes that the roof box is suitable for everyday use, also thanks to its durable and hard-wearing plastic that can withstand any weather without any problems. The box can be mounted on all Mercedes vehicles with railing supports using the quick-release system. However, being from the AMG brand, mounting it on an entry-level diesel-powered C-class car may be a little over the top. An E 63, on the other hand, will definitely “do”.

You can also open it from both sides to make loading “easy and balanced” and fill it with equipment up to 70kg. The box itself weighs 26 kg.

The Mercedes-AMG roof box is approved for the legal maximum speed of 130 km / h.

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