Miami Commercial Broker Sues Ex-Firm Over Email List

Stefano Santoro, Miguel Pinto and Martin Bravo (Apex)

A Miami trade broker is suing his former company, alleging the company illegally accessed his email account and contact list.

Stefano Santoro filed a lawsuit against Apex Capital Realty, Miguel Pinto and Martin Bravo of Miami in the Miami-Dade Circuit Court earlier this month, alleging “trade secret theft” and intellectual property. Santoro was recently hired by Current Real Estate Advisors to lead its Miami office as a managing partner.

Both Santoro and Pinto declined to comment.

Santoro, previously an independent contractor with Apex, is filing for damages in excess of $ 30,000. He claims that Apex’s use of his email contact list is in keeping with the company and its clients who use trade secrets. He joined Apex in June 2019 and left the company in July of that year.

As part of his agreement with Apex, Santoro collected 75 percent of the commissions he paid through his company Meatball LLC, while Apex kept 25 percent according to documents accompanying the suit. For any listings or sales recommendations made by the broker, the broker would charge a 50 percent referral fee before the commission is split.

The complaint alleges that Pinto and Bravo downloaded Santoro’s 6,000+ contact lists without Santoro’s consent after he left the agent. It is alleged that, as stated in the complaint, Pinto and Bravo sent their “alter ego”, Apex, promotional emails to his contact list to “solicit his clients’ real estate business for themselves”.

At Apex, Santoro worked on deals that included the sale of a $ 40 million oceanfront development property in Miami Beach and a Wynwood assembly that L&L Holding Company and Carpe Real Estate Partners are under contract to purchase. He worked on four deals during the year while hanging his license at Apex.

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