More Than 3 Dozen People Displaced, Others Told Not To Go On Their Balconies, After Partial Roof Collapse In NW Miami-Dade – CBS Miami

NORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE (CBSMiami) – 37 people were displaced and several others were told not to go to their balconies after the roof of a residential building in northwest Miami-Dade partially collapsed.

The Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources (RER) and a county construction clerk were on site at 17500 NW 68th Avenue Friday morning, where Code compliance inspectors were and a sign said the building was “unsafe.”

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The collapse occurred on Thursday afternoon in one of the buildings in the Lakeview Garden Condominium.

The drone video provided by the Rapid Recovery Team shows the extensive damage to the three-story building.


The RER report states: “You were informed by the housing association that the area in question, where the mansard roof had fallen, had been cordoned off prior to the collapse on the advice of a roofing company that had visited the property days earlier.”

The construction officer ordered the building to be evacuated and secured, and the Miami-Dade Fire Department ordered the utility lines to be cut. They planned to put a 6 foot fence around the building.

In addition, the RER announced in an email to CBS4 that people in the other buildings in the complex had been instructed not to enter their balconies “with great caution”.

RER does not conduct forensic investigations or determine the cause of a collapse, but RER said in its report, “Our inspectors have found termite and water damage, as well as signs of deterioration in the collapsed mansard roof. While there are likely other hidden and latent conditions that cannot be observed, these are visual clues that there have been problems with the roof to be expected with old buildings and with materials like wood that wear out over time . “

Ignacio Cierra hinted at this when speaking to CBS4.

“The building is old and there are a lot of termites in the building. The building is in very poor condition. I think the association needs to do more, ”said Cierra. “I heard a big noise at the beginning and then about an hour later another big noise and part of the roof fell.”

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CBS4 was unable to reach the condominium association board for comment.

The RER report also states: “The incident underscores the need and importance of regular property maintenance. The condominium association was instructed to restrict access to all balconies in three other buildings as the other similar mansard roofs give up and with great caution residents of the other buildings should avoid the balconies. RER calls on the association to provide safe passages for pedestrians to enter and exit these buildings. “

Elizabeth Monagas lives in one of the buildings in the complex.

“I’m very, very upset,” she told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench. “They say they didn’t know, but they knew this was going to happen. I told them that would happen. “

The report states: “The association must obtain and provide RER with a full inspection by a licensed engineer, including in-depth inspections of the attics of the other buildings. The engineer must also provide a plan of all security measures required for additional security and provide the RER with a letter confirming the continued safety of the buildings for use. “

“RER is working with the association to implement a plan to ensure the safety of local residents,” the report said. “The association needs to get permits for any repairs it has to do.”

The report states that residents will be able to return to the building when “the hazards are removed and the construction officer checks the building for occupancy”.

The report says the building was constructed in 1972 and was due to receive its 40-year recertification in 2012, which it received in 2015. It is due for his 50 year recertification next year.

The report concluded with the words “The RER staff are reviewing the history of this building and the associated documentation”.

The American Red Cross supports 37 people from 19 families with immediate aid, also financially.

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A spokeswoman for Miami-Dade mayor Daniella Levine Cava said the mayor was spending time with families on Thursday when she visited the site.

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