MRA Launches Best Residential Metal Roofing Project Competition for 2021

The Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) has launched its quarterly competition 2021 and Best Residential Metal Roofing Project this yearThe opportunity to participate is open to both craftsmen and homeowners.

The MRA is designed to honor the most stylish, creative, and effective use of metal roofing. She picks a winner quarterly based on the appearance, performance and originality / use of materials of the project. Interested participants can upload their project photo together with a description of a maximum of 200 words why their metal roofing project deserves the highest award online at The winners will be featured on the MRA website and digital channels and will receive a prize of $ 200. MRA’s quarterly awards for 2021 will be selected in March, June, September and December, and only metal roofing projects for residential buildings in the US and Canada will be considered (see MRA website for details and rules).

“Homeowners tell us how much they love their metal roof and the difference it has made to their home,” said Renee Ramey, general manager of MRA. “This competition is intended to show how high-quality metal roofs can be used in amazing ways – from emphasizing the beautiful architectural style to effectively increasing the permanent resistance and protection of a house.”

Last year’s winners of the MRA “Best Residential Metal Roofing” competition show the diversity and uniqueness of the contributions received in the past. This included installing a new metal roof on a historic Georgetown, Texas home that was built in the 1890s, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and completed by Texas Traditions Roofing and Sheffield Metals (first quarter winners). a metal roof replacement for extreme winter storm protection for a contemporary New Hampshire craftsman’s house from 1992, completed by New England Metal Systems and Drexel Metals (Q2 winner); the installation of a new metal roof on a 10 year old house in Tulsa, Okla. whose original asphalt roof had been badly damaged by hail, completed by Boral Steel and NICHTECH (Q-3 winner); and an incredible state-of-the-art curved metal roof installed on a newly constructed home in Austin, Texas, designed by Bercy Chen Studio and completed by Green Knight Metal Roofing and McElroy Metal (Q-4 winners).

“Architects, builders, contractors and homeowners take great pride in choosing a high quality metal roof, and that commitment to excellence is reflected in the great work that is being done there. We look forward to seeing what’s in store for great metal roofing projects this year, ”said Ramey.

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