My Roof is Leaking! Can I get the Whole Roof Replaced Under Insurance?

Not all homeowner insurance is created equal. Some guidelines may only cover part of the problem when it comes to replacing your roof.

Homeowner insurance can often be difficult to navigate, especially if your home requires major repairs. For example, if your roof is leaking, it is not always easy to know whether your current policy would allow you to have the entire roof repaired under insurance.

Typical homeowner insurance may cover some of the roof damage, but it ultimately depends on what actually caused the damage. Most insurance policies cover fallen tree or hail damage. However, it’s important to consider a variety of other insurance coverage measures to protect your roof and make sure you are covered.

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Most insurance policies do not cover the cost of a roof repair on an unpaved structure. So if you have a workshop, freestanding garage, or shed, it is very important that you protect these other structures as well.

Your deductible and your coverage limit also play a role in paying for the total repairs. Depending on your coverage, you can pay up to 5% of the total cost of repairs out of pocket. Regardless of what might have damaged the roof, you could be responsible for paying up to your coverage limit and deductible just to have your roof replaced under insurance.

If you have any questions about filing an insurance claim or want to know what your insurance policy might cover you for, contact us today.

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