Mystery aviation company setting up shop on Brac

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  • Cayman News ServiceChildren’s Playground in West End Park – the gap in the surrounding forest is the start of the trail through the native woods to the Turtle Crawl and Nurse Smith Pond (both from ancient underground rivers).

(CNS): An aviation company that registered in Switzerland earlier this year and is known as “providing air and intelligence services” has received approval to build a coat hanger and administration building on Cayman Brac next to Charles Kirkconnell International Airport . It’s not exactly clear what Daggaro will be there and for whom, but its new Vice President is a former US Air Force Brigadier General and the company is seeking experience Pilots Black Hawk military helicopter flying.

Daggaro’s Cayman Islands arm is based on Grand Cayman and officials have advised CNS that the company is a sponsored company of TechCaymanAs a result, there is no Kayman partner in the operation. According to the contract signed between the government and TechCayman in 2018, that means the company should conduct its business largely outside of that jurisdiction.

Cayman News ServiceMyles Newlove, CEO of Daggaro

Myles Newlove, CEO of Daggaro, told CNS that there was nothing secret about their plans and dismissed concerns that the company would be doing some sort of military contract work for the US. He said the air carrier will focus on search and recovery, disaster risk reduction, and most importantly, the medical airlift, which will make up most of the work in the area. Newlove said that given their skills, it wasn’t uncommon to use military helicopters for this type of job.

The project was not only given the go-ahead by Cayman Brac and the Little Cayman Development Control Board last week, but also approved by Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell, MP for Cayman Brac West and Little Cayman, according to the minutes of the DCB meeting.

It was also approved by the governor’s office. “We are regularly asked by the government to assist in the conduct of due diligence for companies planning to establish or invest in Cayman,” stated Governor Martyn Roper in an email response to CNS inquiries. “I can confirm that Daggaro was no exception. After doing the usual background checks, we confirmed that there was no reason CIG shouldn’t proceed if it chose to.”

After the company was originally registered in Switzerland, Newlove co-owns the company with François Neri, Trent Blacket and Michael Mollin. Daggaro is listed as venture capital supported by Amalfi Capital Management, a technology-driven hedge fund

Speaking to CNS, Newlove insisted that the company’s arrival here or the choice of Cayman Brac as the location was not a mystery. He said the company wouldn’t do government intelligence work here, pointing out that in the United States all military contractors are publicized, if they were the public would know.

He emphasized the medivac side of the operations and the increasingly likely need for more disaster relief in the region.

Cayman News ServiceDaggaro Senior VP Taco Gilbert

Still in one social media Taco Gilbert, former director of strategic plans for the US Air Force, said it was “an amazing start-up that is rapidly providing air and intelligence services, expanding its global customer base.”

Daggaro’s own website describes the company as a leader in providing advanced technologies for the delivery of aviation and intelligence services. In addition to looking for pilots, the company is also looking for one Operations manager with military experience for a job with a “diverse and interesting mission set”.

While the arrival of the project has worried the population of Brac based on speculation, the company could be hired to do military intelligence work, but there are also environmental concerns about the proposed site. Local objectors said the proposed location of the hanger and administration building is environmentally sensitive and very close to a children’s park for several reasons.

In its submissions to the DCB, the National Conservation Council, through the Department of the Environment, listed its concerns about this proposal, including the threat to the sister islands’ endangered stone iguana, the many native species, including slow-growing trees on the site, and an unusual cultural feature.

Cayman News ServiceTurtle Kraal next to the West End Community Park. Cayman Brac

“There is also the West End Turtle Kraal, a former underground river that is connected to the sea, on the premises. It was used as a turtle kraal, so it is an important historical and cultural site, ”explained the NCC. “There’s also Nurse Smith Cave, which is of geological and environmental interest.”

While the kraal is just outside the direct footprint of the asphalt taxiway, the DoE experts said it would very likely be significantly affected by the proposal, both in the construction of the taxiway from heavy equipment and in the operation of drains Hydrocarbons, including polycyclic aromatics, carry hydrocarbons (PAHs), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and other heavy metals from fuels, lubricants and exhaust gases, as well as cleaning aircraft.

“Runoff from airport areas is a serious environmental problem,” they said, adding that creeping will now also be inaccessible to the public given its proximity to an airport.

“It does not seem possible to redesign the proposed development to preserve the West End Turtle Crawl and Nurse Smith Cave as they will either be destroyed or severely compromised during construction and operations. Given the cultural and historical importance of the turtle crawl, as well as the environmental and geological interest of the area, we strongly recommend relocating development. “

While other locations were suggested, including areas near the existing terminal that have already been human-modified and don’t have the same cultural value, Newlove told CNS that none of them were available.

However, under the permit terms proposed by Newlove, Daggaro will not work during the iguana breeding season, will conduct a DoE tour prior to the start of the project and stop all work if iguanas are found on site and seek safe removal of the animals.

Details of Daggaro’s approval and application can be found in the minutes in the CNS library.

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