New 100GW US energy storage goal ‘entirely reasonable and attainable’, says ESA

The US Energy Storage Association (ESA) has set a target of 100 GW of energy storage capacity in the country by 2030. This capacity is intended to help facilitate the diffusion of renewable energies.

The figure, which serves as an improvement on a previous target of 35GW by 2025, was announced during the annual trade panel meeting and described as “perfectly reasonable and achievable” by executive director Kelly Speakes-Backman.

Speakes-Backman added that “the right guidelines and legal framework” would need to be in place to achieve such a goal. This political environment was detailed in a “vision paper” published yesterday, labeled “100×30: Enabling Clean Power Conversion”.

On the opening day of the event, U.S. Department of Energy’s Deputy Secretary Mark Menezes also spoke, who said in a keynote address that his department recognized the importance of energy storage and reiterated its commitment to a technology that would support deeper penetration of renewable energies. Grid.

While storage provisioning has lagged slightly behind the original vision of 35 GW by 2025 created by ESA using Navigant Research (now known as Guidehouse Insights), with BloombergNEF around 32 GW and Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables around 28 GW by then forecast, the analysis suggests an acceleration in the delivery rate.

In fact, the three analysis and research companies are forecasting around 85 GW to 95 GW by 2030. The ESA argues that the 100 GW number can be achieved with measures to further stimulate a higher proportion of renewable energies in the grid. 100 GW would support a nationwide goal of 50% renewable energy by 2030 – a goal that ESA shares with other leading renewable and clean energy trade associations, including groups from the wind, solar and hydropower industries. The latter includes 16 GW of new pumped storage in its vision for 2030, which is also supported by ESA.

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