New Braunfels women find rewarding new careers in roofing

Roofing has many advantages. Fritz found it appealing that no degree or training was required to get started.

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas – A New Braunfels company is rocking industry trends with a new all-female roofer crew.

The occupational field is 98% male nationwide.

One of the women says that the new job will change her life.

Bright and early on a Thursday morning in October, a neighborhood in New Braunfels began to hum with excitement.

That day, a family got a much needed new roof and the crew got the much needed experience.

The group of roofers was unique. You will notice a lot of pink on the job site. The workers were all women, which is rare in the industry.

In construction, around 9% of workers are women.

When it comes to roofing, women make up 2% of the workforce.

But those numbers, hard work, and the heights didn’t scare Sarah Fritz off.

“You’re outside, you lift things, you use a nail gun,” said Fritz. “It’s great. The physicality is absolutely doable.”

She is a foreman at Feller Roofing in New Braunfels.

Your boss is the one who brought the group together.

“I see so many other women out there, single or without children, who are struggling to make ends meet and they don’t have to live like that,” said Ami Feller Wells, owner of Feller Roofing, New Braunfels. “I found that [roofing is] A great career and I don’t think they know they can. “

At 15 years in the industry, Ami Feller Wells has seen a slow rise in the number of women in the profession.

In order to promote more gender-specific diversity, she recruited the women’s team for her company.

Roofing has many advantages. Fritz found it appealing that no degree or training was required to get started.

Nationwide, the entry fee is around $ 40,000 per year.

Fritz says this is just the beginning.

“I can go into sales, I can go into project management, there is no gatekeeping,” said Fritz. “You can get your foot in the door and just run with it. The possibilities are limitless. ”

A few weeks ago, Fritz and the other women completed the GAF Roofing Academy, a free training program. The company notes that this was their first all-female class. The program graduates are already working hard and improving their neighbors’ homes.

Fritz knows she will be working with men on other crews, but she is enjoying this project with the ladies.

“We learn together, we grow together and we help to support each other,” said Fritz.

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