New Clamp Technology Increases Wind Resistance for Metal Roofing

S-5! presents the latest addition to its WindClamp line, which aims to increase wind resistance for standing seam roofs and other concealed metal roofs.

The new WindClamp2X is like all WindClamps from S-5! Small aluminum clamps that are attached at fixed intervals over the roof seam to prevent a seam separation from man to woman and / or a seam separation from the roof mounting clip. S-5! WindClamps are a cost-effective alternative for new buildings and can also be used in retrofit applications to bring older roofs into line with current regulations and wind standards.

Attaching these simple but highly tested clamps to the roof seams has improved dramatically for over 25 years. S-5! WindClamps increase – and often double – wind resistance, preventing multiple types of failure, including seam separation and clip loosening, when used in roof clip locations. This clamp-to-seam technology was an extremely cost effective solution to maintain roofs in some geographic regions and / or roof areas with an increased likelihood of extreme wind conditions.

S-5! Now offers three WindClamp solutions for a variety of roof profiles:

  • WindClamp DL, developed for MBCI Double-Lok and licensees
  • WindClamp UD, developed for MBCI Ultra-Dek and licensees
  • New WindClamp2X, developed for other special double-folded standing seams, e.g. B. Butler MR-24 and Varco Pruden SSR

“The magic doesn’t lie in a generic ‘seam clamp’ or in a seam clamp that fits neatly or fits into multiple seam profiles,” said S-5! CEO and founder Rob Haddock, who served on ASTM committees for wind testing and standardization. “The magic is knowing how to design a seam clamp for this purpose and for a particular panel profile. S-5! WindClamps can increase strength by 100, 200 or even 300 percent with test protocols to prove this. We know how to design these clamps because our team has in-depth knowledge and experience of how the entire roof assembly reacts to wind lift. “

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