New Modular Wall Panel Series

ATAS International is proud to introduce Omawall, a new series of modular wall panels that is the latest addition to their extensive product range. The product name pays homage to the Dutch heritage of the founders of ATAS.

Omawall is an architecturally ventilated rain protection wall made of 0.063 aluminum. The unique interlocking dry joint design makes it quick and easy to install in a horizontal or vertical orientation with no separate seals or metal wedges. The standard module size is 18 “x 96”. However, custom sizes are available. The depth of the plate is 1-1 / 2 “and the reveal measures 5/8”. This panel is ideal for all types of commercial, educational and healthcare buildings, as well as for multi-family and mixed-use buildings. Omawall is available in over 40 standard colors, including the new range of matte colors, and in custom colors. For small orders, ATAS can repaint the panels at a price that is far less than prepainting an entire coil. This ensures that the design intent of a building is met without breaking the budget.

ATAS International, Inc. is a family business that has grown from a siding and siding installer to an industry-leading manufacturer of metal panels for the building envelope with locations in the United States. ONlighting T.edge ONnd S.hapes was founded in 1963 by Jacobus “Jack” P. Bus in the basement of his home in Rochester, NY, where he and his wife Nel and children lived.

The journey to becoming an entrepreneur began when Jack and Nel moved from the Netherlands in the 1950s. The hardworking duo saw a business opportunity when Jack installed siding and siding in Rochester. Before the advent of portable metal forming equipment, he found that contractors were unable to bend their own products on site. Jack then came up with the idea to do this for them and provided the contractors with curved panels and other products for their projects. This business was well received and the company has seen tremendous growth over the decades.

Opaline has been a popular ATAS product for many years and is used in wall, reveal and ceiling applications. Grandpa is Dutch for grandfather so it seems appropriate for Omawall to join the product family as Grandma is Dutch for grandmother. As an acronym, OMA also stands for Outstanding Modular Application.

Dick Bus, President of ATAS, said: “Since my parents founded this company over 57 years ago, we have expanded our range of products and colors to meet the needs of builders and architects. I’m excited to add Omawall to our family of products as a nod to my parents and grandparents of the third generation owners of the company. her grandma and grandpa. “

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