New research reveals 2021’s biggest décor trends around the world 

The home decor trends going in and out for 2021 have been revealed in new research from Roofing Megastore. The study analyzed Google Trends data over the course of 2020 on a range of different interior styles, colors, furniture, home improvement items and accessories to find out which will dominate in 2021 and which are on the way out.

Cottagecore prevailed with a massive 1,075% increase in popularity since the start of the year. Loved for its return to simpler, more calming times and a greater connection with nature, it’s no surprise that the homely style of Cottagecore is proving so popular. The healthy aesthetic is also reflected in other options that are high on the list, such as dried flowers, macrame, antique mirrors, wallcoverings, and roof lanterns that let in more of the outside world.

In terms of paint color, dark green walls have seen a 103% increase, while once-coveted dark blue walls seem to be the home decor trend with the biggest drop, with the moody hue seeing a 64% drop in popularity over the past year. Other trends we’re fed up with include subway tile, industrial lighting, retro style, and statement walls.

The top 15 UK home decor trends with the most growing popularity in 2021

1. Cottage core 1075.00%

2. Dried flowers 250.00%

3. Antiquated mirrors 224.00%

4. Roof lanterns 203.03%

5. Herringbone bottom 177.42%

6. Dark blue kitchens 147.83%

7. Skylight 127.78%

8. Japan 112.77%

9.Copper taps 111.11%

10. Dark green walls 103.13%

11. Scandi style 96.08%

12.Mermaid tiles 94.74%

13. Macrame 90.00%

14. Wall cladding 88.64%

15. Rustic style 83.87%

The UK home decor trends that will fall in popularity the most before 2021

1. Dark blue walls -64.18%

2. Chrome taps -46.48%

3. Retro style -27.03%

4.Mid-Century Furniture -26.00%

5. Industrial lighting -22.35%

6. Geometric patterns -21.05%

7. Gold profits -18.29%

8. Statement walls -15.00%

9. Pink walls -10.77%

10. U-Bahn / U-Bahn tiles -3.28%

Global trends

Roofing Megastore also looked at how these trends are being reflected around the world, and Cottagecore was again at the top of the global top 10. In the US, Scandi appears to be the most popular decor trend for 2021, with a massive 2,400% increase since early 2020 . and South Africa’s top interior trend is dark gray kitchens, which have seen interest rise 285%.

In Australia, Cottagecore is again at the top with a 683% increase in popularity, New Zealand home office design has seen the biggest increase at 188%, and in the UAE it is the conservatories that are seeing the biggest shift with one 156% increase in popularity.

Gian-Carlo Grossi, Managing Director of Roofing Megastore, commented: “With most of us spending more time at home than ever before, the interior design of our surroundings has never been more important.

It’s easy to see why cottagecore and some of the other styles that connect us with the outside world and nature are growing in popularity – skylights can dramatically improve an interior space by making it feel lighter and more spacious, and now the clocks are just gone Back, a little light at the end of the tunnel is something we could probably all do something with. “

The full research, including results on trends outside the UK, can be found at:

All examinations were completed between October 21 and 23, and the data range used for the analysis was 01/01/20 – 10/17/20

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