New research reveals the most house proud areas of the UK


The researchers examined the nation’s love for their homes – looking closely at a number of factors, including money spent on their homes, time spent on home improvement, and the number of unfinished jobs.

Based on responses from 2,000 homeowners, 15 cities received points which were then added together, with the capital being the proudest home.

Spend more than ever before

Over the past year, Londoners have spent more on their homes than any other city – an average of £ 3,778.03 – and brought in more artisans.

They also watched television programs on decor and property for an hour and 48 minutes a week, longer than anyone.

In addition, in an average week of an hour and 49 minutes, Londoners spent most of their time looking for home improvement and inspiration online.

The study was commissioned by Checkatrade for its Home Pride Index report, which found that 54 percent love their home more than ever.

Dr. Eleanor Ratcliffe, University of Surrey environmental psychologist who worked with Checkatrade on the Home Pride Index report, said, “Personalization through decoration, renovation and maintenance can make us feel more connected to the home.

“The feeling of being connected or connected to important places in our lives, such as B. home, is important for mental well-being and is positively related to mental health.

“Being tied to a place goes hand in hand with positive memories and the feeling of being happy and relaxed, of belonging to a community, of feeling safe and comfortable, and of having opportunities for personal freedom and growth.”

Newcastle, which finished second, scored the most points for number of home improvement jobs completed.

Third-placed Birmingham also did well and achieved consistently high results without being ahead in individual categories.

In Manchester, adults who live in Manchester have been cleaning and tidying their homes the longest in 2020 – a total of 20 hours and 15 minutes per month.

In comparison, Liverpoolers have the least amount of time available at just over 15.5 hours per month.

The heart of the house

The Checkatrade study conducted by OnePoll also found that 58 percent consider the living room to be the heart of the home, so 32 percent said making it “perfect” is their top priority.

The living room (26 percent) is also the area people are most proud of, with the kitchen (16 percent) ranking second.

In the past 12 months, adults have also adapted their homes in less traditional ways, with seven percent having an “office” – an office in a shed – built while six percent created their own mini-movie theaters.

But 79 percent believe there is room for improvement in their homes.

Three out of ten want to redecorate multiple rooms, 23 percent believe their garden needs renovation, and 22 percent hope to replace the floor.

In fact, 47 percent are now more eager than ever to do home improvement or work on their homes.

Mike Fairman, Checkatrade CEO, said, “We can see the impact of 2020 on some searches for our trade members.

“For example, the search for painters is up 37 percent year over year, suggesting that more time at home than expected has sparked a home renovation boom with homeowners wanting extra help adding a splash of color to their homes.

“We anticipate that many of these staples – like plumbing, buildings, and electrics – will also grow in popularity over the course of 2021 as homeowners continue to see the value of investing in their homes.”

According to Checkatrade, the most popular services in 2020 compared to 2019 were buildings, electrics and landscaping. 1. Buildings + 63% 2. Electrics + 56% 3. Landscaping + 55% 4. Plumbing + 48% 5. Painting + 37% 6. Central heating + 34% 7. Gutter repairs + 18% 8. Roofing + 13%

TOP 15 HOUSEHOLD CITIES 1. London – 121 points2. Newcastle – 114 points 3. Birmingham – 113.5 points 4. Leeds – 95 points5. Southampton – 88 points6. York – 84 points 7. Bristol – 81 points8. Plymouth – 80 points 9. Manchester – 72 points10. Glasgow – 66 points11. Liverpool – 63.5 points 12. Sheffield – 63 points13. Edinburgh – 62 points 14. Leicester – 49 points15. Norwich – 48 points

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