New roof a ‘godsend’ for Gallatin veteran | News

Retired US Navy veteran Willie Brown often spent his nights unable to sleep and worried that the roof of his Gallatin home would collapse on him.

For the past few years, the 71-year-old has tried to fix the leaky roof of his Iris Drive residence. But the problem persisted no matter who he hired.

“It seemed like they were chasing it like a ghost,” Brown told the Gallatin News. “Every time it rained I was worried because it would leak elsewhere. We even had to get plastic bags to cover things up. I didn’t know what to do. “

That changed last week.

Through a partnership with Sumner County’s Habitat for Humanity, Brown was recently selected and approved to receive a new roof from My Roofing Crew, an Owens Corning Platinum roofing company, as part of the Owens Corning Roof Deployment Project.

The materials for the roof, which was installed on April 21, were donated by the Owens Corning Foundation, while the work was donated by My Roofing Crew.

“It means so much to us to be able to give back and honor Mr. Brown as a veteran and let him know that we recognize his service,” said Jennifer Jernigan, director of business development for my roofing crew.

Brown, who worked as a welder during the Vietnam War from 1968 to December 1971, said that without the donation, he would likely have to borrow money from someone or take out a second mortgage to pay for a new roof himself.

“This is a godsend,” he said as he watched the crews install the new roof on his house. “I know I couldn’t have done this alone.

“Now I don’t have to worry about my roof falling on me.”

For more information on the Roof Deployment Project or to learn how you can get involved, email [email protected]

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