New Stores Coming to Quaker Crossing Plaza in Orchard Park: Will Traffic Be Worse?

There are certain places in western New York where retail is paramount, especially on weekends and holidays. Amherst’s Boulevard Consumer Square is one of them, and another major retail space is Quaker Crossing in Orchard Park.

The huge square is located on Milestrip Road and Amelia Drive and offers numerous national retail chains such as Target, Kohl’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Home Goods. It also has restaurants like the Longhorn Steakhouse, Red Robin and Cold Stone Creamery, as well as Regal Cinemas.

It’s hard to believe that more shops and buildings could be built there, but that is exactly what will happen.

According to The Buffalo News, Quaker Crossing Plaza owner Gerald Buchheit is proposing a 31,000 square foot building on the edge of the Regal Theater parking lot.

Although the new stores have not yet been announced, they are national retail chains and not restaurants or local stores. Buchheit says that after signing the leases, he will reveal which deals will come.

Regal Cinemas has reconfigured its theater in Quaker Crossing, which has reduced seating capacity, which has also reduced the need for parking. This made the newly planned retail building vacant.

Final approval is still required, but there is hope that construction will start in the fall and be completed in the spring of 2022.

My fiancée has been working on this site for two years and my parents live not far away in Hamburg; So I’ve been to Quaker Crossing many times.

It’s a great place for seemingly anything you could want (retail, food, entertainment), but traffic can be an absolute nightmare, especially on weekends and definitely between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

There is only one main entrance in and out of the square (similar to Boulevard Consumer Square), although there is an entrance / exit in the back that leads to Lake Avenue.

This will likely lead to more traffic, especially if they are from high profile retailers. I am excited to see what stores will be added to an already hectic and popular place.

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