New Truss/Rafter Screws – Roofing

Altenloh, Brinck & Co., USA, Inc., announces a new addition to the range of SPAX POWERLAGS Engineered Fasteners. SPAX POWERLAGS truss screws are intended for fastening trusses / rafters to wall panels to ensure that a building code requires a continuous method of fastening from the floor to the roof

The new product is a # 14 x 6-1 / 4-inch fastener with patented SPAX features, including T-STAR plus drive in a cylindrical head, patented thread splines and a UNIQUE 4CUT point for quick and easy installation without pre-drilling required.

“Our new construction lock is made of carbon steel with the exclusive SPAX-WIROX coating, which is ideal for the inner frame. The truss / rafter fasteners are packaged in a Pax box of 50 from Contractor Pax ready for retail shelving and includes a 2 inch long T-30 plus bit. POWERLAGS truss screws are manufactured in our German facility but are packaged and stored in the Bryan, Ohio warehouse, ”said Eric Ashack, SPAX® Product Manager.

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