New Website Can Help You Plan A Maine Snowmobile Trip

Planning a snowmobile trip around Maine just got a lot easier thanks to a new website that is packed with information.

My experience with snowmobiles so far has been limited to a once-a-year charity ride with a donated sled. But I know people who are snowmobile enthusiasts, and I’ve heard them talk about some of their hikes that included several days of horse riding while staying at local hotels. It sounds like so much fun spending an entire weekend exploring the Maine forests with a group of friends. But it also sounds like some planning is required so you know where to go and where to spend the night.

This is where this new website would be invaluable. SledTRX has a map of Maine snowmobile trails so you can track your route ahead of time. It also lists resources that are near these trails, such as: B. Restaurants and Accommodation. Information on gas stations, Maine snowmobile clubs and sledging shops is included. There is also a SledTRX Facebook page where you can share pictures of your snowmobile adventures.

The website was recently launched by Jake Warn, a student at Thomas College. I suspect that over time more and more information will be included when business owners contact him to reveal the details of their facilities. It’s a great tool for the snowmobilers but also for these companies to keep them informed.

Remember, Maine Warden Service advises snowmobilers to share their travel plans with someone before they embark on the shortest possible trip. Then when something happens and the drivers are stranded, those searching have a general idea of ​​where to look.

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